Breastfeeding Made Easy

I don't know about you, but I used to find breastfeeding quite a hassle while out in public. I would have to pull out a blanket from the diaper bag, place it over my shoulder while pulling down my shirt, and somehow find a way to stick my darling underneath the blanket without the blanket falling down and exposing my goods. Plus, I hated putting my baby under a blanket where she probably could not breathe all that well! If you are like me and dread going out in public because you will probably have to breastfeed at some point, then I have the most wonderful solution ever. It is called the Slurp and Burp.

The Slurp and Burp is layered cotton material that looks like a sash. All you do is place it over one shoulder and under the other shoulder, separate the layer of cotton, place your baby's mouth where the layers separate, and voila! You are breastfeeding without covering up your precious baby while keeping all your goods where the sun does not shine.

I seriously believe that the Slurp and Burp is the greatest invention known to man. It's very easy to carry in your purse or diaper bag. You can feed your baby, burp your baby, and feed your baby once again in public without having to worry about showing off anything to anyone.

The Slurp and Burp comes in all kinds of fun and funky designs as well as organic. You can purchase one of two options - the Slurp and Burp with a sewn in burp cloth or the Slurp and Burp with the detachable burp cloth.

Visit to see this great invention. It is well worth the investment for your baby's comfort and your privacy while doing what's natural out in public!

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