Pain Free Breast Pump

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Before I started breastfeeding my little ones, someone told me to get an automatic breast pump. With this in mind, I got a Medela automatic breast pump. However, when I started using it, my skin began to tear up, even on the lowest setting. That experience caused me to doubt the whole breast pump idea!

Just recently I was able to use the Evenflo Comfort Select Manual Breast Pump. With just one use of this amazing pump, I no longer doubted pumping. This breast pump is like heaven compared to the one I used before!

The Evenflo breast pump is so comfortable. Plus I love that it is very quiet so that you can discreetly pump. I could not in the least bit pump discreetly with the automatic. It sounded like a machine that was on its last leg.

Not only is the Evenflo breast pump quiet, but it is also BPA free. This is great because I know that when I pump, harmful chemicals are not leaching into my baby's milk!

This breast pump is very easy to use as well as easy to assemble. My favorite part of this pump is that you can control the amout of "suckling" pressure with the adjustable vaccum control. I will no longer associate pain with pumping!

To get your very own pain free breast pump, visit

Moks Instead Of Socks

Scandeez is a company that makes adorable eco-friendly baby shoes called moks. The top of each mok is made from reclaimed leather while the inside and bottom half is made from new leather.

While the entire shoe from Scandeez is super cute, my absolute favorite part is the design on the sole. What a fabulous idea! When you are holding your child, or your child is sitting on the floor, you totally get hit with a surprise of an adorable picture looking at you.

I love that when I put my child in a pair of Scandeez moks, the shoes will stay put. This is because the shoes are designed with an elasticized top for a snug yet comfortable fit.

$30.00 for a pair of amazing Scandeez moks is such a great deal. Your child will be sporting fashionable footwear while being eco-friendly! Check out this amazing company at Not only do they make great shoes for babies and toddlers, but they also make really cute clothes, blankets, bags, etc.

Eco-Friendly Is Breast

I am all about saving money, especially these days. So when I can reuse something, I get really excited. When it comes to nursing pads, I choose to use reusable nursing pads made from cotton. This is because they are so much more softer than the plastic chemical-filled breastfeeding pads and way less expensive.

Lullaby Loft makes extremely soft and comfortable nursing pads. The outer most layer is made of 100 % cotton flannel, and the inner most layer is made from 100 % organic cotton batting. Cotton is great because unlike the disposable nursing pads, your skin can breathe. This greatly reduces the risk of infections which I am totally in favor of!

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Lullaby Loft makes each pad 5 inches in diameter which is the perfect size for most nursing bras. I love that these pads do not hurt your skin when you pull them away. Disposable nursing pads always tore me a part which makes breastfeeding a pain.

You can't beat $5.00 for a pack of two! When you purchase Lullaby Loft's nursing pads, you can rest assured that you are saving money, doing good for your body, as well as being kind to the earth. Visit to get your pads today. Don't forget to check out all of their other great products too!

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Baby Soft Skin

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If I find something that I love, normally I do not stray from that one thing. For instance, if I go to a restaurant, I will order the same thing over and over again. This is the same for my kid's body wash and lotions. From day one I have been using the same bath washes and lotions on my children. Just recently I was given Method Baby as a baby gift. At first I was skeptical, but then I used it on my little girl, and fell in love!

You know how a baby's skin is super soft? Well imagine washing your little one in something so pure and natural that it makes their super soft skin 100 times softer! This is what you get when you use Method Baby's Squeaky Green Baby Hair and Body Wash.

Method Baby not only makes your child's skin soft, but it also smells like your giving your child a bath in pure chocolate. It is 99% natural and tear free which is great for little wigglers. Plus, I love that the lid to the body wash can be used as a rinse cup - very eco-friendly!

Check out all of Method Baby's products at They have everything you need from body washes and lotions to bubble bath and diaper cream.

Organic Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding in public used to be such a chore for me. This is partly because the only thing that I had to cover up with was a few bulky baby blankets. First of all, it is very difficult to keep a small baby blanket over your shoulder while trying to see your little one underneath. Second of all, I felt as if my baby could not breath very well.

Just recently I found the most beautiful certified organic cotton nursing covers from Rogelito's Closet. These nursing covers are great because they are the perfect size to cover you and your precious baby. Plus, they are easy to use with an adjustable velcro strap.

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Each nursing cover from Rogelito's Closet is made from organic cotton grown in India. Also, all of the nursing covers have Harmony Arts fabric which means the patterns have eco-friendly water base dyes and pigments.

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I love that these nursing covers have rigilene boning in the neckline! It definitely makes breastfeeding in public very easy because you do not have to constantly pick up the fabric to see your baby. The fabric just naturally sits away from your body to where you can peek in from time to time.

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Not only does Rogelito's Closet carry fantastic organic nursing covers, but they also carry organic baby blankets, organic burp cloths, and super adorable organic toddler skirts. Make sure to visit Rogelito's Closet at or to see all of their amazing products.

The Breast Choice

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Chemicals vs organic? This is the choice that breastfeeding mothers must decide upon when it comes to breastfeeding pads. I don't know about you, but I choose organic! Why use disposable breastfeeding pads when all they do is constantly move around, cause discomfort, and most of all they are just plain boring? Did you know that there are many chemicals in disposable breastfeeding pads that can cause yeast infections? Yuck!

POSH Pads have extremely adorable breastfeeding pads that are made from bamboo and organic cotton layers. Bamboo is one of my favorite fibers because it is naturally antibacterial which helps keep away allergens and infections. Plus, bamboo is highly absorbent and allows for breathe ability.

For the outermost layer, POSH Pads use designer fabrics from two artists whom are known for their eco-friendly fabrics . There are so many amazing designs and patterns to choose from that it is impossible to buy just one pair!

These pads are super soft, comfortable, and mold to your body. I love that POSH Pads are not bulky, and they don't move around. I feel like a million dollars when I wear these pads because I know that they are good for my skin and good for the earth.

Unlike disposable breast pads, POSH Pads can be used over and over again. When you are done breastfeeding your little ones, you can use them for other things like cleaning, patches on clothes, make-up, etc.

Your body and our earth are easily worth the investment of $8.95 for a fashionable pair of POSH Pads! Visit to get yourself a few pair today. And don't forget that these make amazing gifts as well!