Eco-Friendly Is Breast

I am all about saving money, especially these days. So when I can reuse something, I get really excited. When it comes to nursing pads, I choose to use reusable nursing pads made from cotton. This is because they are so much more softer than the plastic chemical-filled breastfeeding pads and way less expensive.

Lullaby Loft makes extremely soft and comfortable nursing pads. The outer most layer is made of 100 % cotton flannel, and the inner most layer is made from 100 % organic cotton batting. Cotton is great because unlike the disposable nursing pads, your skin can breathe. This greatly reduces the risk of infections which I am totally in favor of!

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Lullaby Loft makes each pad 5 inches in diameter which is the perfect size for most nursing bras. I love that these pads do not hurt your skin when you pull them away. Disposable nursing pads always tore me a part which makes breastfeeding a pain.

You can't beat $5.00 for a pack of two! When you purchase Lullaby Loft's nursing pads, you can rest assured that you are saving money, doing good for your body, as well as being kind to the earth. Visit to get your pads today. Don't forget to check out all of their other great products too!

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