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Goodies For You...Good For Earth

Happy Earth Day Fellows Readers...
In celebration of Earth Day, we have put together a few product reviews...Hope you enjoy!

The Limited Edition Essential Green Kit for You and Your Tot

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, four amazing companies have teamed together to create a wonderful kit for you, and your kids to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Green Toys Inc., CleanWell Company, Preserve, and LUNA Bar have all put together a great mix of eco-friendly toys as well as eco-friendly products that are safe for you, and your kids to explore the world around you.

In this kit, you will find a Green Toys Sand Play Kit, CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizers, Preserve 2-Pack Square Food Storage, and a LUNA Bar.

I must say that this kit is such a wonderful idea! You can store this kit in your car, and when you go on trips to the beach, or the lake, or even the playground, you will have all of the green essentials with you - eco-friendly toys for your little ones, safe sweet smelling sanitizers for grubby hands, storage containers for your left over picnic goodies, and a nutritious organic desert just for you.

Proceeds from this fabulous kit will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World. This non-profit organization makes it a priority to create a healthier, greener, and safer environment for kids and families! So, not only will you be getting lots of great goodies in this kit, but you will be donating to an amazing cause to better our Earth!

Get yours today at www.diapers.com for only $26.99.

Let's celebrate our Earth by buying and using products that create less waste, use eco-friendly materials, and that are safe for you and your kids!

Remember the yubo lunchbox giveaway? Well, here is the scoop on these fabulous lunchboxes!

Yubo has created a durable, dishwasher safe, BPA Free, eco-friendly lunchbox that will adapt to your child as they grow. With changeable faceplates, your child will never get bored. They can choose from a wide array of prints, upload their own photos, or even upload their own art work to create custom faceplates of their choice - genius!

Not only will your child be happy, but you will also be very happy with this product too! Yubo specifically created these lunchboxes with an antimicrobial agent that will keep them from smelling. Also, the reusable food containers will eliminate the cost and waste of little plastic baggies.

One aspect that we absolutely love about this product is that it is dishwasher safe! Who has time to wash out a normal lunchbox, let it dry, etc. etc....Well, with yubo, just simply take it all a part and toss in the dishwasher - viola - ready to go again!

You are not going to want to pass this product up! $21.95 for the standard lunch box, or $29.95 for the deluxe lunchbox (ice pack and food containers included) is a steal for something that will last a lifetime, and let your kiddos express themselves with ever changing faceplates!

Get yours now at www.getyubo.com.

Another great product worth celebrating on Earth Day is the aden +anais organic muslin wraps. These babies are perfect for your little one anytime of the year! They are created to keep your baby at a perfect temperature no matter what the actual temperature is.

Being made from organic materials, the aden + anais wraps are perfect for munchkins with sensitive skin. Plus, they are super soft, and the more that you wash them, the softer they become.

I love that you can use these blankets in so many different ways! The possibilities are endless: blanket, swaddling, nursing cover, infant car seat cover, stroller cover, etc. etc...

$34 per muslin wrap is a great price for a blanket that is eco-friendly and grows with your kiddo! Get yours at www.adenandanais.com.


EcoLicious Designs is a really cute company that takes unwanted items, and turns those items into adorable mommy and baby products.

Bottle caps are turned into unique baby bows and clippies. Paper is turned into gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. Gently worn baby clothes are turned into boutique-looking baby apparel.

Everything is very affordable, and very well made. Check out all of their neat eco-friendly products at www.ecoliciousdesigns.etsy.com.

Mother Earth Photo Contest + !!!yubo Giveaway!!!

Hurry! You are not going to want to miss this!!!

In celebration of Earth Day, yubo is holding a photo contest for the best "Mother Earth" photos. What is yubo, you ask? Yubo is a fun and modern company that sells waste-free lunches which include BPA-free lunch containers as well as eco-friendly lunch boxes with a stylish kick!

About the contest:

Eco-conscious KIDS are to submit their favorite "Mother Earth" photos. Once the winning photos are chosen, yubo will then create faceplates (for the lunch boxes) from the winning photos, and offer them for sale as Mother Earth faceplate designs. Net profits from the faceplates' sales will go to the Earth Day Network!

Here is how you enter:

Who: Entrants must be under the age of 11 in order to qualify to win.

What: Photos will be judged based on originality, creativity, photo composition and how well the pictures answer the question: ‘What does Earth Day mean to you?’.

When: Deadline for entry is 4/16/10. The winner will be chosen and announced on 4/22/10, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

How: Each entrant MUST submit 2 corresponding original photos (MUST be taken by person entering contest). Become a yubo Facebook Fan and upload the 2 images to the yubo Facebook Fan Page.

***Each entrant will receive $10 towards any purchase from www.getyubo.com, and the winner will receive $50 towards any purchase***

But wait! There is more....

Yubo is giving away one of their awesome eco-friendly lunch boxes to one lucky Green Baby Giggles reader!!!! You have one week from today - April 2nd at 12 midnight. Be sure to leave your email address so that we can contact you if you win....

Here is how you enter:

1. Go to www.getyubo.com and tell us what you like about the company and / or the products. (one entry)

2. Get your kiddo(s) to participate in the "Mother Earth" photo contest. (3 entries)

3. Tell a friend about the contest. (2 entries)

!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

*****And the winner is #6........patmatrem@hotmail.com! Congratulations!!!!*****

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Walking Billboard....Literally!

Become a walking billboard with the Doctor's Tote by Seen. How is that possible you might ask? Well, the Doctor's Tote is a handbag made from recycled vinyl billboards. Genius, right? That is what I thought when I laid my eyes upon all of the products made by Seen!

Seen saves old billboards from going to the landfill, and turns them into eco-friendly products with a modern twist. I absolutely love these handbags because they are super spacious as well as very sturdy.

Since the Doctor's Tote is made from vinyl, it is waterproof. What a lovely aspect! We all know that children seem to want to play with things that do not belong to them; therefore, if grubby hands leave grim behind, have no fear. Simply wipe away with water and viola - squeaky clean again!

Another great point about the Seen Doctor's Tote is that they are very bright and colorful; therefore, they can be worn with anything. Purses that can be worn with any outfit definitely win over my heart!

$30 is an outstanding price for such an amazing product that is going to last a lifetime. Now go get yours here: www.seen1.etsy.com!

Nature Is Calling...

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Fresh. Organic. Soothing. These three words pretty much sum up Naturity's Organic Babyhood and Motherhood products.

I love that the products have a light fresh smell to them. Most baby / mommy products blow you away with the smell of their lotions, oils, washes, etc. and leave me with a lingering headache. However, Naturity only uses the most natural and organic ingredients in their products which gives off a pleasant and soft smell to them.

The massage oil from Naturity is to die for. It leaves my babies skin as well as my hands so silky smooth. Plus, you can use it for cradle cap too - it's like two products in one!

Most organic products cost an arm and a leg. But you can rest assured that when you buy Naturity, you won't break the bank. Great products plus great prices equals happy mommy!

These products will leave you and your baby with beautiful skin! Visit www.naturity.net to try them for yourself!

Organic Acorn

Hats add the perfect touch to any baby or toddler outfit! They are definite must have.....

Adrienne Kinsella makes the most adorable baby and toddler hats. The organic acorn hat is to die for! First off, it looks like the real thing, and even has a cute little green leaf on top. Secondly, it is made from organic cotton yarn. That means this hat is super duper soft as well as eco-friendly! Thirdly, your little one can wear it well into the toddler years because the brim can be folded down as your child grows!

What is not to love about this Adrienne Kinsella hat? Absolutely nothing!!! This is the perfect hat for any occasion. And you can't beat that the hat is organic which means you don't have to worry about your little one eating harmful chemicals if he / she decides to take a nibble!

Visit Adrienne Kinsella's creations here: www.adriennekinsella.etsy.com. There are so many amazing hats that will definitely add some color and fun to your child's wardrobe!

Baby Bits

Baby Bits is a creative company that takes gently used wool sweaters, and turn them into adorable gnome-like baby hats. Because these fun hats are made from repurposed sweaters, each one is completely one of kind!

Baby Bits makes sure that only the finest materials are chosen to make each hat. Therefore, you can guarantee that each hat is vibrant and beautiful!

Not only are the hats from Baby Bits gorgeous, but they are also super soft. They use a felting process that turns the original material into a new and softer material.

I just love the the way the hat looks on my kiddos! They are so whimsical and different from any hat that I have ever seen.

Be sure to get your little ones into these amazing hats this winter. Visit www.babybits.etsy.com today.

Delicious Baby Hats

Have you ever thought about wearing fruit of vegetables on your head? Crazy question, right? Not really!

Mymarketstall makes the most delicious looking baby hats that actually look like real fruits and veggies. Made from the most softest and most natural wool fibers, these hats are sure to keep your little ones super cozy!

These hats are beautifully created with such care, and show amazing detail. I just love how the Bosc Pear Hat has free flowing leaves on the top like a real Pear.

Lush red apples, and sweet crisp carrots are just a few of the many hats that
mymarketstall makes. They have so many different hats to choose from, and they make them all kinds of sizes from newborn and up.

Not only do they make yummy baby hats, but they also make adorable acorn jars! Be sure to check out these wonderful hats at
www.mymarketstall.etsy.com. They make adorable gifts at such a great price.