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Happy Earth Day Fellows Readers...
In celebration of Earth Day, we have put together a few product reviews...Hope you enjoy!

The Limited Edition Essential Green Kit for You and Your Tot

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, four amazing companies have teamed together to create a wonderful kit for you, and your kids to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Green Toys Inc., CleanWell Company, Preserve, and LUNA Bar have all put together a great mix of eco-friendly toys as well as eco-friendly products that are safe for you, and your kids to explore the world around you.

In this kit, you will find a Green Toys Sand Play Kit, CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizers, Preserve 2-Pack Square Food Storage, and a LUNA Bar.

I must say that this kit is such a wonderful idea! You can store this kit in your car, and when you go on trips to the beach, or the lake, or even the playground, you will have all of the green essentials with you - eco-friendly toys for your little ones, safe sweet smelling sanitizers for grubby hands, storage containers for your left over picnic goodies, and a nutritious organic desert just for you.

Proceeds from this fabulous kit will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World. This non-profit organization makes it a priority to create a healthier, greener, and safer environment for kids and families! So, not only will you be getting lots of great goodies in this kit, but you will be donating to an amazing cause to better our Earth!

Get yours today at for only $26.99.

Let's celebrate our Earth by buying and using products that create less waste, use eco-friendly materials, and that are safe for you and your kids!

Remember the yubo lunchbox giveaway? Well, here is the scoop on these fabulous lunchboxes!

Yubo has created a durable, dishwasher safe, BPA Free, eco-friendly lunchbox that will adapt to your child as they grow. With changeable faceplates, your child will never get bored. They can choose from a wide array of prints, upload their own photos, or even upload their own art work to create custom faceplates of their choice - genius!

Not only will your child be happy, but you will also be very happy with this product too! Yubo specifically created these lunchboxes with an antimicrobial agent that will keep them from smelling. Also, the reusable food containers will eliminate the cost and waste of little plastic baggies.

One aspect that we absolutely love about this product is that it is dishwasher safe! Who has time to wash out a normal lunchbox, let it dry, etc. etc....Well, with yubo, just simply take it all a part and toss in the dishwasher - viola - ready to go again!

You are not going to want to pass this product up! $21.95 for the standard lunch box, or $29.95 for the deluxe lunchbox (ice pack and food containers included) is a steal for something that will last a lifetime, and let your kiddos express themselves with ever changing faceplates!

Get yours now at

Another great product worth celebrating on Earth Day is the aden +anais organic muslin wraps. These babies are perfect for your little one anytime of the year! They are created to keep your baby at a perfect temperature no matter what the actual temperature is.

Being made from organic materials, the aden + anais wraps are perfect for munchkins with sensitive skin. Plus, they are super soft, and the more that you wash them, the softer they become.

I love that you can use these blankets in so many different ways! The possibilities are endless: blanket, swaddling, nursing cover, infant car seat cover, stroller cover, etc. etc...

$34 per muslin wrap is a great price for a blanket that is eco-friendly and grows with your kiddo! Get yours at


EcoLicious Designs is a really cute company that takes unwanted items, and turns those items into adorable mommy and baby products.

Bottle caps are turned into unique baby bows and clippies. Paper is turned into gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. Gently worn baby clothes are turned into boutique-looking baby apparel.

Everything is very affordable, and very well made. Check out all of their neat eco-friendly products at

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