Natural Soaps For Every Need

Just recently I have come across the most aromatic soaps. While I was washing my daughter's bottles with
Shower Treat Soap's lavender liquid dish soap, I felt like I was washing her bottles with candy. The smell was so captivating that I wanted to eat it! Not only was the smell so yummy, but it also left the bottles sparkling clean. Usually with normal liquid dish soap, I have to rinse the baby bottles a million times before the soap finally washes away. With Shower Treat Soap's liquid dish soap I only had to rinse twice; therefore, using less water!


I also used their rosemary peppermint laundry detergent for my daughter's laundry, and the bathroom where the washer and dryer are located was filled with this lovely smell. The detergent was so mild yet it cleaned the clothes so well that the milky stains were completely washed away! Once the clothes were dry, they were so soft and fresh smelling; therefore, no need for fabric softener.


Shower Treat Soap also makes a sweet orange dish detergent soap. I used this on a fairly large load with only one tablespoon of soap, and guess what happened? The dishes were completely clean! Normally I have to pour a large amount of dish detergent in the dish washer to get rid of all the food and grease; however, with this dish detergent you use so little, and you end up with squeaky clean dishes!


Not only does
Shower Treat Soap make natural cleaning soaps, but they also make natural body products. Each soap is made from scratch, so you know your getting a fresh product. Plus their soaps are free from dyes, bleach, and phosphates. They do not test on animals, and it is safe for the septic systems and the environment.


I also love that
Shower Treat Soap supports women through Women for Women International. 5 % of every purchase goes to help these ladies in need.

I highly recommend this shop. You get such a great product for yourself while helping the environment and women in need! Visit to see all of the goodies you can buy.

EcoSpun Storage

My child's diaper bag always seems to be a bottomless pit when it comes to finding a pacifier, or a pair of socks. I literally have to pull everything out just to find that one little thing that I desperately need. It also seems like this happens at the most inopportune times such as when I am roaming the grocery store, and my daughter suddenly starts crying at the top of her lungs! Anyone else have this problem?

Well, I have recently come across the answer! An ecospun felt pouch from
Segparker's Shop. What a life saver. They give you enough storage to put your child's pacifiers, socks, or any of the small things that could get sucked down the bottomless pit. It is so much easier to find a decent sized pouch than a tiny winy pacifier. Not only can this pouch be used as storage for your diaper bag needs, but you can also use it as a make-up case, snack bag, etc.

Segparker's Shop hand stitches each pouch with such beautiful perfection. Since each pouch is custom made, you get to choose your felt colors, tag color, and the animal that you want. These pouches are very soft and very cute. Plus they are eco-friendly because the ecospun felt is made out of fiber that is 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

I definitely think it is worth $13.00 to be able to find what you are looking for within a seconds notice. Not only are you getting convenience, but your also getting an adorable pouch that's eco-friendly! Check out to see all of the ecospun pouches as well as the other neat products that you can purchase.

Amazing Muslin


The Australian muslin swaddling blankets from aden + anais are amazing. These blankets are woven from soft natural muslin fibers that are light weight and allows air to easily flow through them; therefore, you can swaddle your little one with this blanket and know that they will not overheat. In fact, these blankets will help your infant regulate his / her body temperature - great for summer or winter! When I swaddle my little one with a standard receiving blanket, she wakes up from naps soaked in sweat. When I wrap her in the muslin wraps, she wakes up perfectly warm and natural.

I love the fact that aden + anais purposefully created these muslin wraps at 47" by 47". If you purchase a normal flannel receiving blanket and try to swaddle your baby, they usually just kick right out of them because they are so small. My daughter can get out of one within seconds. When I swaddle her in one of aden + anais's muslin blankets, she can't move!

Not only are the muslin blankets great for swaddling infants, but they can also be used as a stroller cover to protect from the sun and / or insects, as a nursing cover, as an outside blanket, a toddler blanket, a tummy-time mat, a burp cloth, a changing pad cover, or a play pen blanket. These muslin blankets are so versatile that it is like you are buying multiple blankets in one! At $44.00 for four muslin wraps, you are definitely getting a great deal.

aden + anais also produces soft muslin wash cloths, muslin sleeping bags, and 100 % GOTS certified organic swaddling wraps. You can rest assured that the products from aden + anais are all natural. Both the organic and non-organic products have the formalin taken out of the packing, plus they use color safe dyes.
I also want to highlight that the muslin blankets are packaged in water-resistant bags that can be reused for other uses!

So, for the perfect versatile muslin blanket, go to!

The Bottle Hugger

Functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Now these are words that I like to hear about a product.
Peanut Tree Designs is a company that has all of these elements in their products. My personal favorite is the organic bottle cover for glass baby bottles.

These bottle covers are beautiful yet simple. They are made from crocheted color grown 100 % organic cotton with organic cotton muslin for the bottom; therefore, healthy for your baby and healthy for the earth. You can get them in heather gray, heather sage, or ivory.

Not only are the Peanut Tree Designs' bottle covers great for preventing bottle breakage if dropped on the floor, but they also absorb bottle condensation and any bottle leaks that may occur. They also protect bottles from breaking in the diaper bag or the purse.

Peanut Tree Design's bottle covers come in two different sizes - one for a small bottle and one for a large bottle; however, the large bottle cover can fit both kinds. It was a perfect fit for our 4 oz and 9 oz evenflo glass baby bottles. With elastic at the top of the cover, you can guarantee that your bottles won't be slipping out!

So, if you have glass baby bottles, and you are tired of worrying about them breaking or tired of wiping your hands on your pants from bottle leaks, then you need to visit to get your organic bottle covers today. You can't beat two of the most beautiful yet functional bottle covers for just $11.00!

Eye-Catching Baby Booties

Amano Crafts hand make the most adorable soft sole baby shoes. They are made out of the cutest fabrics and then lined with organic cotton flannel. The soles are made of pleather so that they grip the floor for babies who are learning to walk. They are also perfect for babies who are learning to crawl as well because they protect little feet from getting carpet burn! You can get these shoes in all different sizes from 3 months to 24 months.

Amano Crafts shoes are marked at a very fair price. You get such eye-catching beauty for your baby plus the organic comfort for their precious feet. What a bargain! Check out all of the organic baby soft sole shoes for yourself at

Heavenly Wipes

Cloth baby wipes are definitely the way to go when it comes to cleaning your baby's tush. They are more economical, eco-friendly, and healthy for your baby than the traditional disposable baby wipes.

My Picnic Basket Crafts has the most heavenly baby wipes!
They are super soft, super absorbent, and super easy to clean. You can get them in solid colors if you like simplicity or in printed fabrics if you want to unleash your fun side.
These 5 by 8 baby wipes are so versatile and priced so perfectly that you could buy a set for burp cloths, a set for your house cleaning, a set for wash cloths, etc. Plus My Picnic Basket Crafts makes an all natural baby cleansing solution that makes my mouth water because it smells good enough to eat! This cleaning solution is powerful enough to get rid of those icky messes that babies tend to make, yet it is gentle enough to be used as a moisturizer for you and baby!

So instead of cleaning your baby with harmful chemicals, and throwing your money down the drain with the disposable baby wipes, visit My Picnic Basket Crafts to get your set(s) of heavenly baby wipes for your baby's health as well as the earth's well-being.

Giggle Tidbit

Sodium HydroxyMethylglycinate Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate. Wow, now that's a mouth full! This is just one of the many tongue twisting words found in the ingredients of disposable baby wipes. So, why would you want to wipe your baby's delicate skin with something that you may not know the meaning of let alone have a hard time saying? I know I don't want to use that on my precious baby! Do you?

The Perfect Baby Toy

Let's face the facts, infants are always putting anything and everything that they get a hold of into their mouths. Yuck! So, why not give them a toy that is perfectly safe, fun, and organic?

LoCoMo Momma's Shop has created just that: a perfectly safe, fun, and organic toy for your little one(s). Each toy is hand stitched with 100 % soft organic cotton yarn, and then stuffed with natural wool batting. You can choose from a variety of adorable characters like the Sleepy Lamb, Mr. Frog, or the traditional ball and rattle set. All toys have a rattle inside them; therefore, they are rattles as well as teethers - total money saver!

I love the fact that LoCoMo Momma is eco-friendly. All orders are shipped out in recycled boxes, and all toy(s) are placed inside of recycled water-resistant bags - the perfect gift wrapping. So not only does your baby's toy have a place to dwell, but you can also use the bag for other things as well!

I highly recommend LoCoMo Momma's Shop. You get such an amazingly hand crafted rattle as well as a teether for your baby at such a great price. Check out today to give your baby something safe to put in their mouth!

Edible Play Dough

Tired of watching your little ones like a hawk with store bought play-doh? Afraid that they will eat what they make? Well, fear not, there is edible play dough that you can make with ingredients found in your pantry. Your kids will have fun making things from this play dough as well as eating while creating. All you need:

1 c. creamy peanut butter
1 c. non-fat dry milk powder
2/3 c. honey

Combine all ingredients and knead well on wax paper. For extra fun edible creativity, give your child(ren) raisins, sunflower seeds, cereal, etc. to add as accents to their master pieces.

For a different kind of edible play dough fun, you can do the following:

1 part flour
2 parts oatmeal
1 part water

Mix ingredients together and form into shapes. The items made from this play dough recipe can be painted when they are dry. So not only can your child(ren) have fun eating and creating, but when they are finished, they can paint their master pieces and keep them as memories!

Giggle Tidbit

Did you know that almost all of baby lotions, baby body washes, baby soaps, baby powders etc. are filled with chemicals? And that the largest organ on a baby (and adult) is the epidermal layer aka the skin?
So, you can only imagine that putting those toxic baby products on your baby's skin goes directly to their little bloodstreams! My favorite saying is "if you can't eat it, then don't put it on your skin"(Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About). So next time you are buying baby lotions, etc. please think twice at what you are about to put on your baby's body!

Sweet-Smelling Baby


From day one, my husband and I were giving our daughter baths with Huggies baby wash, Johnson and Johnson baby wash, or Baby Aveeno baby wash. After a few baths with one of the above, we quickly realized that these products were harming our precious baby's skin. She would get red rashes all over her body! Needless to say, we switched to Burt's Bee Baby Bee wash. Within a couple of days her skin started clearing up and she even smelled very yummy.

We liked the Burt's Bee Baby Bee wash so much that we started using the diaper ointment, baby powder, baby oil, and the buttermilk lotion. Her skin is now so soft and silky smooth. I really enjoy using the baby powder at every changing because it keeps my baby smelling so fresh and natural all day long. Not only does our baby girl smell good after a bath, but she also smells so fresh for days with the Burt's Bee Baby Bee.

Burt's Bee Baby Bee is a great baby product at a very decent price. My favorite is the Bundle of Joy Baby Basket that comes with the baby shampoo and body wash, buttermilk lotion, apricot oil, a comb, and a shower cap all for $25.00. Burt's Bee also carrys products for everyone in your family. Visit to help your little one be fresh and silky smooth today.

Baby's Best Gift


Being a new parent, I never realized that babies need so much sleep, as bad as that sounds. At two weeks old I would keep my daughter up 6 to 8 hours at a time during the day, not realizing why she was so fussy all the time. At night, she would wake up every three hours or so. This all changed when I learned about the book Babywise in conversation with some of my acquaintances.

Once I read this book and learned that babies should be put on a schedule of feed, play, sleep, etc., I immediately put my little girl on a schedule and within three days, she was as happy as she could be. She became more alert during her wake time and would wake up laughing and cooing in her crib which is exactly what the book stated. She began sleeping 6 hours at night, and then at 8 weeks she was sleeping anywhere from 8 hours to 10 hours.

The advice from Babywise is the best gift that I could have ever given my daughter. She has learned the natural way to her sleep cycle which in turn gives her a healthier outlook in life. She is able to fall asleep on her on without a pacifier or bottle, and she is a happy and very relaxed baby when she is awake. Not only does this book explain baby schedules, but it also gives you pointers on how many ounces each baby needs, and how many naps per day they should be taking.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has children, are about to have children, know anyone who has children, or if you are a grandparent or babysitter. The book can be found anywhere from the library to a book store, so find a copy today to begin your child(ren)'s natural sleep cycle.