Heavenly Wipes

Cloth baby wipes are definitely the way to go when it comes to cleaning your baby's tush. They are more economical, eco-friendly, and healthy for your baby than the traditional disposable baby wipes.

My Picnic Basket Crafts has the most heavenly baby wipes!
They are super soft, super absorbent, and super easy to clean. You can get them in solid colors if you like simplicity or in printed fabrics if you want to unleash your fun side.
These 5 by 8 baby wipes are so versatile and priced so perfectly that you could buy a set for burp cloths, a set for your house cleaning, a set for wash cloths, etc. Plus My Picnic Basket Crafts makes an all natural baby cleansing solution that makes my mouth water because it smells good enough to eat! This cleaning solution is powerful enough to get rid of those icky messes that babies tend to make, yet it is gentle enough to be used as a moisturizer for you and baby!

So instead of cleaning your baby with harmful chemicals, and throwing your money down the drain with the disposable baby wipes, visit My Picnic Basket Crafts to get your set(s) of heavenly baby wipes for your baby's health as well as the earth's well-being.

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