The Bottle Hugger

Functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Now these are words that I like to hear about a product.
Peanut Tree Designs is a company that has all of these elements in their products. My personal favorite is the organic bottle cover for glass baby bottles.

These bottle covers are beautiful yet simple. They are made from crocheted color grown 100 % organic cotton with organic cotton muslin for the bottom; therefore, healthy for your baby and healthy for the earth. You can get them in heather gray, heather sage, or ivory.

Not only are the Peanut Tree Designs' bottle covers great for preventing bottle breakage if dropped on the floor, but they also absorb bottle condensation and any bottle leaks that may occur. They also protect bottles from breaking in the diaper bag or the purse.

Peanut Tree Design's bottle covers come in two different sizes - one for a small bottle and one for a large bottle; however, the large bottle cover can fit both kinds. It was a perfect fit for our 4 oz and 9 oz evenflo glass baby bottles. With elastic at the top of the cover, you can guarantee that your bottles won't be slipping out!

So, if you have glass baby bottles, and you are tired of worrying about them breaking or tired of wiping your hands on your pants from bottle leaks, then you need to visit to get your organic bottle covers today. You can't beat two of the most beautiful yet functional bottle covers for just $11.00!

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