Sweet-Smelling Baby


From day one, my husband and I were giving our daughter baths with Huggies baby wash, Johnson and Johnson baby wash, or Baby Aveeno baby wash. After a few baths with one of the above, we quickly realized that these products were harming our precious baby's skin. She would get red rashes all over her body! Needless to say, we switched to Burt's Bee Baby Bee wash. Within a couple of days her skin started clearing up and she even smelled very yummy.

We liked the Burt's Bee Baby Bee wash so much that we started using the diaper ointment, baby powder, baby oil, and the buttermilk lotion. Her skin is now so soft and silky smooth. I really enjoy using the baby powder at every changing because it keeps my baby smelling so fresh and natural all day long. Not only does our baby girl smell good after a bath, but she also smells so fresh for days with the Burt's Bee Baby Bee.

Burt's Bee Baby Bee is a great baby product at a very decent price. My favorite is the Bundle of Joy Baby Basket that comes with the baby shampoo and body wash, buttermilk lotion, apricot oil, a comb, and a shower cap all for $25.00. Burt's Bee also carrys products for everyone in your family. Visit BurtsBee.com to help your little one be fresh and silky smooth today.

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