Baby's Best Gift


Being a new parent, I never realized that babies need so much sleep, as bad as that sounds. At two weeks old I would keep my daughter up 6 to 8 hours at a time during the day, not realizing why she was so fussy all the time. At night, she would wake up every three hours or so. This all changed when I learned about the book Babywise in conversation with some of my acquaintances.

Once I read this book and learned that babies should be put on a schedule of feed, play, sleep, etc., I immediately put my little girl on a schedule and within three days, she was as happy as she could be. She became more alert during her wake time and would wake up laughing and cooing in her crib which is exactly what the book stated. She began sleeping 6 hours at night, and then at 8 weeks she was sleeping anywhere from 8 hours to 10 hours.

The advice from Babywise is the best gift that I could have ever given my daughter. She has learned the natural way to her sleep cycle which in turn gives her a healthier outlook in life. She is able to fall asleep on her on without a pacifier or bottle, and she is a happy and very relaxed baby when she is awake. Not only does this book explain baby schedules, but it also gives you pointers on how many ounces each baby needs, and how many naps per day they should be taking.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has children, are about to have children, know anyone who has children, or if you are a grandparent or babysitter. The book can be found anywhere from the library to a book store, so find a copy today to begin your child(ren)'s natural sleep cycle.

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