Ohgeez Organic Clothing Give Away!

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The children's organic clothing line from Ohgeez Organic Clothing Company is absolutely breathtaking. They pretty much have it all with the most adorable casual clothes to the most gorgeous and sophisticated clothes.
You can get the clothes in a variety of beautiful colors like ocean and purple sky, or you can get them in the original color of natural. Ohgeez carries clothes from newborn sizes all the way up to child sizes. Not only are the clothes amazing, but the prices are also not bad at all for a great investment in your child's health as well as the earth's health.

The soft jersey dresses and the light weight linen pants have definitely won my heart over, and I know if you visit www.ohgeezorganic.com today, you will find a few things that win your heart over as well!

Now for a limited time offer, Ohgeez is giving away either a $25.00 gift certificate or a long sleeve t-shirt in your choice of size and color. To qualify for this amazing opportunity, browse around on their website, and then come back to Green Baby Giggles to tell me what has won your heart over and who it would be for. Please leave your email address in your post, so that I will be able to contact you if you are the winner! This contest will run for one week from this post; therefore, you must get your entry in by the end of next Thursday (October 9, 2008, 6pm). The winner will be announced Friday morning. Good luck! And the winner is......Mommy's Monkey!!! Congratulations!

Thoughtfully Handmade Organic Apparel

The new trend is "going green" with what you put on your back to what you put in your mouth. Sometimes "going green" with apparel can be quite boring. However, I have found one company that sells organic apparel that is the exact opposite of boring.
Oliver Handmade's organic clothing for babies and toddlers, are so precious that you will want to stock up on everything!

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They take the most adorable appliques and heat fuse them onto organic onesies or t-shirts. Then they hand embroider the applique for a stunning finishing touch as well as for extra durability. You can also get your child's name embroidered on the apparel too!

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I can honestly say that our little girls onesie from Oliver Handmade is definitely my favorite onesie out of all the millions of clothes that she owns. I know that it is great for our environment while providing ultimate comfort. Best of all, this onesie is far from being dull.

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Check out www.oliverhandmade.etsy.com to stock up on adorable organic apparel for your little one. $15.00 for such a beautiful masterpeice is hard to come by these days!

Cloth Accessories For Every Monkey

I always try to find more ways to make cloth diapering fun.
Mommy's Lil Monkey is a company that definitely makes cloth diapering more exciting. They have so many different kinds of diaper liners and cloth wipes in all different kinds of funky prints.

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I pretty much dread changing my daughter's diaper because she always twists and turns on me; therefore, it's like wrestling with a large slippery fish! However, when I hand her one of the flannel bright and colorful baby wipes from Mommy's Lil Monkey, she stays still for me like she has been put into a trance.

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The flannel large baby wipes (5 by 5) are great for real icky messes, and the flannel smaller wipes are perfect for a quick wipe here and there. Plus they both fit in a plastic baby wipes container!

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My favorite baby wipe from Mommy's Lil Monkey is the flannel / terry wipe. There is a fun flannel print on one side with a matching color terry cloth fabric on the other side. These are a bit bigger (bulkier) than the regular flannel baby wipes; however, I love that these wipes have a texture to them - great for getting really really really sticky messes away.

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I really like that Mommy's Lil Monkey makes a bunch of different cloth liners because every baby is different. They have two layer liners and four layer liners; therefore, if you have a heavy wetter on your hands, you can get the heavier liners. The heavier liners are not only great for heavy wetters, but they are also great for overnight as well. All of the diaper liners work really well; however, the fleece liners in my opinion rank number one. They are so soft and have high absorbency! Plus, the prints are so fun to look at.

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I can boldly say that I look forward to diaper changing time with my daughter now that I have so many fun and funky choices to choose from. Diaper changing in my house is now a grand event rather than a drag! Visit www.mommysmonkey.etsy.com to make your child's diaper changing time exciting for everyone.

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Little Miss Organic

Hoodies. Everyone loves hoodies! They are so comfortable, cute, and they pretty much go with anything. I am a hoodie fein and literally own atleast fifteen myself. So, when I came across a company that makes hoodies for children, I got over the top excited. This means that I can now start dressing my daughter in hoodies as well!

Kaya Now is a company that makes beautiful hoodies for babies and toddlers. Not only are they amazing in craftsmanship, but they are also organic - meaning they are extremely soft and light weight.

There are two different kinds of hoodies that you can purchase. One is a sleeveless hoodie and the other is the standard long sleeve hoodie. My favorite is the short sleeve hoodie. It is a great top by itself for the summer months, and makes a great layering peice for the winter months.

I think that it is really awesome that Kaya Now packages their hoodies in handmade reusable drawstring bags made from recycled fabrics. In essence, you are getting two products for one price. You get such a marvelous peice of clothing as well as a neat storage bag for anything and everything!

www.KayaNow.etsy.com is the place to go to find the most adorable, comfortable, and eco-friendly hoodies for your little ones. These hoodies are priced so perfectly for such high quality hoodies that you don't want to miss out on these puppies!

Rockin Diapers

In my opinion, all-in-one cloth diapers are the most easiest to use. It's like using a disposable, but washing it instead of throwing it away. Now take a cloth diaper that is easy to use and add some punk rock, goth, or designer fabrics to it and voila - the most happening cloth diaper around!

The Eli Monster has the most happening diapers on the market. They have the most hip and trendy fabrics to choose from for the outer most layer like skulls and cross bones, racing stripes and numbers, nautical stars, etc. Not only are the fabrics awesome to look at, but they also feel like high quality fabric! Plus the tattoo star logo sewn on the front of the diaper adds such a rockin finishing touch.

Under the fantastic outer fabric is the waterproof PUL to keep moisture where it belongs - inside. The Eli Monster uses soft suedecloth as the fabric that touches the baby's skin because it pulls wetness to the inner most layer that has a very absorbent microcloth for the soaker. I love that there are aplix closures because you can adjust the diaper to fit a skinny baby or a chubby baby! Plus, when you wash these babies, you just have to fold over the velcro to the laundry tabs so that the velcro will not pull the other laundry.

Check out www.TheEliMonster.etsy.com today to see why I have fallen head over heals in love with these cloth diapers. They are super adorable, easy to use, and eco-friendly - what's not to love!

Pretty In Recycled Bottles?

You wouldn't think that a baby or toddler wearing recycled plastic bottles in their hair would be cute, right? Well, guess again. Two Punky Peas has the most amazing hair clips made from ecospun felt. Ecospun felt is made from recycled plastic bottles; however, you can't tell from looking at it!

My absolute favorite clip is the Love Trees Felt Snap Hair Clip. When your child is wearing this clip, everyone will know that you and your child love the environment. Plus the little tree with the heart in the middle is just too adorable to pass up! The clip is not only adorable, but it also stays put. My daughter has very little hair; however, the clip is perfect for little to no hair. Obviously it will work better with a child who has more hair, but it does work on very little hair as well!

You can choose from a wide variety of pretty hair clips from Two Punky Peas like the the yummy fruit salad collection, the beautiful custom made flowers, or even holiday clips. Each felt clip can be made on an alligator clip or a ponytail holder or even both - so many options!

All of the clips from Two Punky Peas are priced so perfectly that you can stock up on them without putting a dent in your wallet.
Buying these clips will not only add a spark to your child's style, but they will also be making a fashion statement by wearing recycled plastic bottles in their hair. Visit www.twopunkypeas.etsy.com to give your child(ren) the perfect eco-friendly accessory today!

Soft Tushie Soaker

Sew Bee It Couture has the softest and cutest fleece diaper soakers. They come in all different sizes from small to xlarge, and there are so many fun and different prints to choose from. You can also get the regular fleece soakers, the pant fleece soakers, or even the most adorable skirties fleece soakers. I am a very indecisive person, so with there being so many fantastic choices, it's so hard for me to come to a decision; therefore, I want them all!

The soakers from Sew Bee It Couture are so adorable that you can put your child in just a diaper with the soaker and you're all set for the day! These soakers fit over any fitted diaper or prefold diaper. Plus, you can also put them on over a normal diaper as well just for the fun of it.

The Sew Bee It Couture's soakers are priced anywhere from $7.00 to $13.00 each. This is great because you can get a few of the regular for summer, a few of the pants for winter, and a few of the skirties for spring and fall!

So, let's recap. Sew Bee It Couture has amazing soakers for outstanding prices! Go get yours now at www.sewbeeitcouture.etsy.com.

Little Hippy Chick

In my opinion, hats, headbands, belts, etc. are so adorable on babies. So, when you find accessories for babies that are not only adorable, but they are also organic and eco-friendly, then you have hit the jack pot!

Nuala Clothing and Accessories makes the most beautiful crocheted accessories for babies as well as adults. My favorite is the child's organic crocheted hat with a bill. This hat is super soft making me want to snuggle up with it! Once you put it on your little one, you will fall head over heals in love with it. When I took my daughter out in public with her hat, everyone stopped us and asked us where we got it from because they thought it was too darling. You can't get any better than $15.00 for such an uber cute and eco-friendly baby hat!

Not only does Nuala Clothing and Accessories make the most precious accessories for babies, but they also make hip and trendy accessories for adults as well. You can get any hat for any size head in any color that you want! You can also get crocheted belts, headbands, scarves, and bags.

So, if you want or need to add a little something extra your baby's wardrobe or even your wardrobe, then you need to check out www.nualacna.etsy.com to get the most fabulous crocheted accessories for such great prices!

One Size Fits All

We have so many cloth diapers for our daughter in all different sizes that it is not even funny; therefore, we are always sorting and resorting when she grows out of a certain size. Do you or anyone that you know of have the same issue? Well, you can put a stop to that today with the BumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers.

These diapers definitely make cloth diapering less of a hassle. One diaper will fit a baby from 7 to 35 lbs. What a genius idea; hence, the name BumGenius! This is great because you won't have so much clutter and sorting all the time. You just need a few to rotate through till laundry day.

I love that this diaper has small rounded stretch to fit touch tape closures. It definitely makes the diaper look less bulky with the tabs being smaller! Plus the stretchy closures allows for a great fit for a skinny baby or chubby baby.

The BumGenius diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. One is for an infant so that the diaper is less bulky, and the other is for when the baby grows out of the infant setting. This is perfect because once the baby moves on to the larger size, you can use the smaller microfiber insert as extra absorbency!

I highly recommend this diaper! It is way less bulky than most cloth diapers, has a perfect fit, and your child can wear them from infancy to potty training. You are definitely getting your money's worth when you purchase these fabulous diapers. Visit www.cottonbabies.com to get your baby the most amazing cloth diapers ever invented.

Ditch The Paper Sack For The No Trash Lunch Sack

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Jazz up lunch with QwertyO's no trash lunch kit. Their cloth lunch bags are the perfect alternative to the paper lunch sacks because you can use these over and over again. I love that they won't rip like the paper bags, plus you will save money by just throwing it in the wash instead of throwing it away!

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Each of QwertyO's lunch kits comes with five cloth napkins one for every day of the week. It also comes with one sandwich bag and two snack baggies. If you need insulation for your food, just add a cold drink.

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There are three different buttons on the front to accommodate for large lunches or small lunches. Therefore,
these lunch sacks will fit perfectly in backpacks, purses, diaper bags, etc.

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At $16.50 per bag, you can buy one for everyone in the family! This is such a creative way to stop all the plastic and paper circling the earth. Visit www.QwertyO.etsy.com to get the most adorable lunch sacks today!

Cloth Diapering Made Easy

If you are new to the whole cloth diapering extravaganza, then you are probably a little bit overwhelmed like I was in the beginning. Some of the concerns that I had are "do I choose all-in-one diapers, fitted diapers, pocket diapers, etc.?" "Do I choose aplix closures or snap closures?" "What sizes will I need?" If you have these same concerns, then I want to let you know that the company
Twig and Vine can help you.

This company offers a fantastic diaper starter package that can get you and your child well on your way to the cloth diapering world. Each package comes with your choice of 6 diapers in the all-in-one style or the pocket style or a mix of both. You can get them in the boy package, the girl package or the gender neutral package. I highly recommend these diapers because they are made with such amazing perfection, plus they provide a wonderful fit for your little one(s)!

Twig and Vine also includes a very adorable wet bag to store the wet and / or soiled diapers. This bag is perfect for your long outings from the house. I was able to put three dirty diapers in my daughters wet bag with plenty of room for more. Plus the bag kept all of the icky smells inside!

The starter package also comes with 12 nicely sized cloth wipes that are super soft and really cute. I love that these wipes are fairly large because you can use them for just about anything! Throw a couple in the diaper bag, and you have yourself a burp cloth, a baby wipe, a napkin, and the list goes on.

Not only does Twig and Vine offer a great deal on diaper starter packages, but they also offer each of the diaper package items separately. This is great for those of you who have already entered into the cloth world, but want to jazz it up a bit. There are so many adorable prints to choose from that it makes me want to buy them all!

So, whether you need a whole bunch of cloth diapers for a great price, or you want to add some color to the ones you already have, then check out www.twigandvine.etsy.com or www.twigandvine.com.

The Golden Baby Bottle

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Green To Grow offers very cute plastic baby bottles. Yes, I said plastic; however, you don't have to worry! These babies are chemical free. In fact, they are made from PES plastic that is not only safe for your precious baby, but it also gives off a natural golden color making it uber cute and different from your standard chemically inclined plastic baby bottles.

These baby bottles are easy to hold due to the shape of the bottle - making it easy for babies to grip. Since these bottles do not leach harmful chemicals, you can wash them in the dishwasher - saving you time and energy! Plus, the baby bottles from Green To Grow are shipped in 100 % recycled packaging.

So, if you don't want the hassle of worrying about glass baby bottles breaking, or plastic baby bottles leaching harmful chemicals, then choose the golden Green To Grow bottles at www.greentogrow.com.

Bunny Bumz

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When I hear the word bunny, I think of adorable, cuddly and soft. Bunny Bumz did an outstanding job when they decided to name their cloth diaper company because their diapers are just that - adorable, cuddly, and soft!

These pocket diapers have an outer layer of the cutest fabric with PUL lining the inside meaning it is waterproof. The inner most layer is made of the softest cotton sherpa, and the inserts are made of highly absorbent zorb. Zorb is light weight, less bulky and hold 10 times its weight in liquid. There are snaps for closure which in my opinion are the best kind of closures on cloth diapers. They eliminate having to pull the velcro off of other laundry when the cycle is complete.

Bunny Bumz diapers fit my daughter perfectly! The snaps are placed in a way that you can choose the settings to fit your baby's legs as well as their waist. This is great because we all know that babies grow extremely fast; therefore, these diapers accomodate for your little sprout!

If you are looking for cloth diapers with the perfect fit and are as soft and adorable as a bunny, then visit www.sewchild.etsy.com or www.bunnybumz.com. You can also check out their other great products like the pacifier leashes, footwear, bibs, burp cloths and handmade tags.

The Snack Bag Alternative

Ever thought about how many people buy snack baggies, use it once, and throw it away? Have you ever bought snack baggies only to use it once and throw it away? I'm not gonna lie - I am guilty as charged to the plastic baggie habit; however, I have taken the steps necessary to break the bad habit. And Green Time Creations can help you too!

Green Time Creations
is a company that makes the most adorable alternative to the snack baggie habit. They hand make cloth snack baggies, cloth sandwich wraps and bags, as well as produce bags. Why be boring with the plain plastic snack bags that are horrible for the environment as well as dull looking when you could be hip and trendy with the fun reusable bags from Green Time Creations!

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Your kids will love taking snacks in these bags to school, on the go, to daycare or where ever they go. Plus, you don't just have to use them for snacks or sandwiches. You can use them to tote around change, toys, pacifiers, or whatever you and your child(ren) can imagine!

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These cute bags are really easy to use with velcro closures; therefore, your children will not have any problems sealing and unsealing the bags. Plus, they don't need to be washed every single time because you can just flip the bag inside out to get rid of all the crumbs; however, they are machine washable if they need to be.

Not only are the Green Time Creations snack bags easy to use, but the sandwich wraps are also super easy to use too. Just place the sandwich in the middle and fold over the bottom, sides, and top to fasten with velcro -easy as one, two, three!

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In closing, if you or anyone that you know of needs to kick the habit of the plastic baggie, then go to www.greentimecreations.etsy.com to get your new fun and funky snack baggie alternative today. Be trendy while snacking as well as helping our environment be a better place!

The Adventurous Side Of Cloth Diapering

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I really enjoyed working with Roly Poly Crafts to get the cutest cloth pocket diaper for my daughter that reflects my personality! This diaper company lets your imagination go wild by allowing you to pick and choose the color of the outer layer, the color of the inner layer, and the color of the snaps for your child's cloth diapers.

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Roly Poly Crafts created their pocket diapers by combining a bunch of aspects from other cloth diapers that actually worked and that they liked as well as a few of their own ideas - creating the most fabulous fitting diaper! They have a waterproof outer layer that keeps the wetness locked inside the diaper where it belongs. The inner layer is made from suedecloth that has excellent wicking abilities to draw wetness away from baby to the middle of the diaper.

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Roly Poly inserts which make up the inner most layer of the diaper are phenomenal! They are made out of organic hemp / cotton fleece; therefore, they are very absorbent as well as very strong. The hemp also prevents harmful bacteria to form because of the naturally occuring antimicrobial properties. Plus, the more the inserts are washed, the better the absorbency and the softer it becomes!

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You can create your own diaper from
Roly Poly Crafts, or you can choose already made diapers from a large variety of adorable prints. They also offer really cute wet bags, grower diapers, pocket diaper starter packs, cloth wipes, as well as extra hemp / cotton fleece soakers. Visit www.rolypolycrafts.etsy.com to see all the great products that you can purchase for your little roly poly today.

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Happy Baby, Happy Parents

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Happy Baby is the natural baby care line from
Shasta EsScents. They make Happy Baby Soap, Happy Baby Oil, and Happy Butt Ointment.

I really like the Happy Baby Soap because it smells so delicious. It is made with natural essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and camomile; therefore, it creates a calming aromatherapy to help your little one settle down. Normally my baby girl kicks and splashes all the way to the very end of her bath; however, when I used the Happy Baby Soap on her, she began rubbing her eyes right in the middle of her bath - great for putting your little ones to bed! I also want to point out that this soap is very mild; therefore, you can use it on babies (or anyone for that matter) with very sensitive skin.

Not only does
Shasta EsScents' Baby Soap smell delicious, but the Happy Butt Ointment also smells heavenly. The Happy Butt Ointment is made from many special oils and butters that work together to heal and calm irritated skin. This ointment is so amazing that I am tempted to use it on my baby even when she does not need it just because of the silky texture and the sweet aroma! You can use it on your baby as well as anyone with chaffed or irritated skin!

The Happy Baby Oil works wonders. Not only does it smell so fresh, but it is also very light unlike most oils. It is made from organic jojoba oil which is known for skin nourishment. After I gave my daughter a gentle massage with this oil, my hands were so soft and silky without being greasy! The lavender essential oil in this baby oil smells so sweet, and helps you and your baby relax while being nourished.

Shasta Esscents sells each of these products separately or in the Happy Baby Gift Set. I highly recommend these products not only for your baby, but also for you and the entire family. They smell so amazing while providing gentle care for your skin. Check it out for yourself at www.ShastaEsScents.etsy.com.

Dapple Them Apples

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I always have a fear of washing my daughter's bottles, cups, bowls, etc. with normal liquid dish soap. I think to myself: "What if I don't rinse all of the soap away?" "Will she get sick?" "Will the scent that lingers on her dishes hurt her?" Let's just say, I got sick of worrying, so I took matters into my own hands, and found the answer to my problem. Dapple!

Dapple is a company that makes baby-safe cleaning products. Inspired by their own children, Tamar and Dana wanted to create safe cleaning solutions for washing bottles, nipples, cups, etc so that when their children put those items in their mouths, they would be safe from harmful chemicals. Dapple makes liquid dish soap as well as automatic dishwasher detergent.

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The liquid dish soap is a very gentle soap made from natural-based ingredients; therefore, you no longer have to worry about your baby ingesting harsh chemicals. It works well to get rid of milk and food from your baby's dishes as well as your own dishes! Plus it is biodegradable, so you can feel great about using it everyday because it is safe for our environment. I love that Dapple uses pure lavender essential oil to fragrance the soap. It definitely makes hand-washing dishes much more pleasant and very relaxing. Also, I found that when I was done cleaning my little one's bottles, it only took a couple of rinses to get rid of the soap - very convenient for when you have a lot of bottles to wash!

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Dapple's automatic dish detergent is made from natural-based ingredients as well. It is 100 % phosphate, chlorine, and fragrance free. You can be at peace knowing that all the dishes will get squeaky clean without harmful chemicals. Plus this detergent is also biodegradable; therefore, you will be helping our environment instead of harming it!

So, if you're ready to stop worrying about washing your child's dishes with harmful chemicals, then check out www.dapplebaby.com. Also, next on Dapple's agenda is a baby-safe toy cleaner; therefore, check back often to be one of the first one's to get another amazing product!

Fresh Sunshine Salad

Sunshine Salad makes the most adorable patchwork dresses for little girls. They are made out of 100 % certified organic cotton with bright and colorful patchwork that accents the bottom of the dress as well as the pockets. It is the perfect sun dress in the spring and summer, and it is the perfect layering piece for the fall and winter months. Once your little one grows out of the dress, you can still have her wear it as a top with jeans or leggings. What a deal - a beautiful dress that can make multiple outfits

Not only does Sunshine Salad make really cute organic clothing, but they also make trendy cloth napkins. What a step up from the rough and plain paper towels that you use once and then throw away! These cloth napkins will add a flare to your everyday meals while providing comfort when wiping away sticky messes. They make a great accent to your breakfast table, lunch table, dinner table, on the go, or in your kid(s) lunch box. You can choose from a variety of fun colors and prints like "Girl Stuff" or "Boy Stuff".

Check out www.sunshinesalad.etsy.com today to see all of the organic and eco-friendly products that they have to offer!

DRY as can BEE

Drybees and Wahmies. You're probably wondering what they are, right? Well, before we get into the details, I want to first applaud the singular owner of these two separate and very creative diaper companies. She began making cloth diapers for her companies after her children were put to bed at night - what a sacrifice. A busy mommy during the day, then business mom at night. What an amazing woman!

Now, on to the details. Drybees is a diaper company that makes the perfect Pocket Diaper, the wonderful All-In-One Diaper, the beautiful Lacies Diaper, and the popular Night Time Diaper. Wahmies is a company that carries the One Size Diaper as well as fun and funk-tional cloth diaper accessories.

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I really like the Drybees Pocket Diaper. The outer layer is made of PUL (polyurethane laminated layer), so there is no need for a diaper cover. The inner layer is made of really soft suedecloth, so it is comfortable for baby, plus it pulls wetness away from the skin keeping your baby DRY as can BEE. The hook and loop closures make diaper changing extremely easy like disposables, plus washing the diapers is a breeze with the fold over laundry tabs. I also want to point out that the top of the diaper has been stitched; therefore, the diaper will stay where it belongs, so the velcro will not
ride up or down on your little ones precious skin.

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I can honestly say that the Drybees All-In-One Diaper is now my favorite diaper thus far! This diaper is made from the same pattern of the Drybees Pocket Diaper except there is a hidden sewn in three layer microfiber insert. Like the pocket diaper there is still the pocket in the back of the diaper in case you want to add extra inserts for more absorbency - great for all day trips out of the house or night time use. This diaper is very convenient with a fantastic fit and zero bulk!

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Not only does
Drybess carry the most functional and well fitting diapers, but Wahmies also carries a great diaper known as the One Size Diaper. This diaper truely fits babies of all sizes and shapes from newborn to toddler. It has four rows of snaps down the front accommodating for a newborn, a toddler, or the in between stages. It also has quick hook closures all around the top of the diaper so that you can fit it to your child's exact size. These closures are perfect for those little ones with a large curiosity! I can almost guarantee that you that your little one will not be able to get this diaper loose; however, you will be able to with much ease.

Wahmies also has really cute wet bags in all sizes, durable diaper pail liners, really soft versatile cloth wipes, microfiber inserts, adorable bib clips, as well as the quick trip tote. These great cloth diaper accessories really make cloth diapering convenient, fun and exciting!

Now that you have been informed of the best cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories swarming the market today, be sure to check out it out for yourself at
www.drybees.com and www.wahmies.com.

All Warm And Cozy

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After you have given your baby a nice warm bath, don't you want to wrap them up in something that is very soft and cozy? I know I do, and I am here to tell you that I have found that something! My daughter loved it so much that she would not let it go once it entered her hands!

New England Gifts is a company that makes beautiful organic hooded towels that are warm, cozy, and very absorbent. They are made from adult towels; therefore, they are thicker and much more softer than the paper thin baby towels that you can buy. These towels come in natural colored 100 % organic cotton or green khaki colored 100 % organic cotton. You can get them with or without the trendy ribbon accents; however, I think that the ribbon accents make the towels absolutely adorable!

Not only are New England Gifts' towels good for your baby and the environment, but they will also last a long time. These towels measure 30 inches by 40 inches; therefore, it is a great fit for newborns up to the toddler years. What a great investment - a baby towel that is organic, trendy, absorbent, and will last many many years!

To check out these amazing towels as well as other great products from this company go to www.NewEnglandGifts.etsy.com. For a limited time offer, buy organic towels from New England Gifts, and get free US shipping through the month of September. Just mention Green Baby Giggles in the notes to seller at checkout!

Giggle Tidbit

Before we switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, my daughter would go through roughly 6 diapers per day. This ends up being about 42 diapers per week which makes 2,184 diapers per year. Lets say that she is potty trained at three years old; therefore, the 2,184 diapers per year times 3 years equals 6,552 diapers. That is just mind boggling! And just think, that is the total diapers used for one child for 3 years. Imagine calculating up the number of disposable diapers used on the millions of babies all over the world for 3 years per child! These numbers alone is a huge reason to switch from disposable to cloth; however, if I still have not convinced you, then maybe the next few reasons will.

Disposable diapers are so much more expensive than cloth. You can purchase a package of Huggies disposables 192 count (size 1-2) for $37.00. Based on my daughters needs, this package would only last a little over one month. $37.00 times 12 months is $444.00. $444.00 times three years is $1332.00. Wow! That is just the cost of one child to go through disposable diapers until they are potty trained. This is just the estimated cost on the low end! Think, if you had four children going through disposables, it would cost you $5,328.00 or more. The cost to start up with cloth diapers on the other hand is only about $550.00. What a difference! $550.00 will not only get you through one child for 3 years, but it will also get you through multiple children. Have I convinced you yet?

If not, here is another bit of information to chew on. Did you know that disposable diapers contain Dioxin? Dioxin is an extremely toxic by-product of the paper bleaching process.
It is a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals! Do you want your baby exposed to that? Not only do disposables have traces of Dioxin, but they also contain Tributyl-tin (TBT) which is a toxic pollutant that can cause hormonal problems in humans and animals. They also contain sodium polyacrylate which is the substance that is similar to the substance that used to be found in tampons that caused toxic shock syndrome. Might I remind you that while disposables have a lot of harmful chemicals, cloth diapers are so much more softer and chemical free! Had enough? Well, I have one more point!

Disposable diapers are horrible for the environment! They make up the third largest single consumer item in landfills. If a family has one child in diapers, the disposable diapers alone make up 50 % of that household waste. That is insane! The estimated time for one disposable diaper to decompose is roughly 250 - 500 years. The child that was in those diapers won't even be alive when his / her diapers decompose - Gross! Can't you just imagine all of those nasty diapers pilling and pilling and pilling over years and years and years.

Wow, now that is a lot to soak in. Convinced yet?

Cuddly Two-In-One Diapers

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Babies have the softest skin ever. Imagine a baby with nothing on but a soft fleece cloth diaper. Makes you want to cuddle them right up, right? This is what happened to me when I put my daughter in one of Ariana's Clothesline diapers.

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These pocket diapers have an outer layer made out of very soft Malden Mills fleece. The inner layer is made of stay dry suede cloth; therefore, keeping wetness away from the skin. They come in all kinds of colors such as cinnamon, dusky blue, or my favorite mint green.

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Not only are Ariana's Clothesline diapers soft and cuddly, but they can also be used as diaper covers. What a deal! Your paying one small price for a diaper that is two diapers in one. Plus, these diapers will fit your baby for a long period of time due to the fact that they have snaps all across the front.

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Ariana's Clothesline also makes other soft goodies for baby such as hemp baby wipes and really comfy wool diaper covers. You can also find soft goodies for mommy as well! Check it out for yourself at www.arianasclothesline.etsy.com.

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