Happy Baby, Happy Parents

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Happy Baby is the natural baby care line from
Shasta EsScents. They make Happy Baby Soap, Happy Baby Oil, and Happy Butt Ointment.

I really like the Happy Baby Soap because it smells so delicious. It is made with natural essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and camomile; therefore, it creates a calming aromatherapy to help your little one settle down. Normally my baby girl kicks and splashes all the way to the very end of her bath; however, when I used the Happy Baby Soap on her, she began rubbing her eyes right in the middle of her bath - great for putting your little ones to bed! I also want to point out that this soap is very mild; therefore, you can use it on babies (or anyone for that matter) with very sensitive skin.

Not only does
Shasta EsScents' Baby Soap smell delicious, but the Happy Butt Ointment also smells heavenly. The Happy Butt Ointment is made from many special oils and butters that work together to heal and calm irritated skin. This ointment is so amazing that I am tempted to use it on my baby even when she does not need it just because of the silky texture and the sweet aroma! You can use it on your baby as well as anyone with chaffed or irritated skin!

The Happy Baby Oil works wonders. Not only does it smell so fresh, but it is also very light unlike most oils. It is made from organic jojoba oil which is known for skin nourishment. After I gave my daughter a gentle massage with this oil, my hands were so soft and silky without being greasy! The lavender essential oil in this baby oil smells so sweet, and helps you and your baby relax while being nourished.

Shasta Esscents sells each of these products separately or in the Happy Baby Gift Set. I highly recommend these products not only for your baby, but also for you and the entire family. They smell so amazing while providing gentle care for your skin. Check it out for yourself at www.ShastaEsScents.etsy.com.

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