Rockin Diapers

In my opinion, all-in-one cloth diapers are the most easiest to use. It's like using a disposable, but washing it instead of throwing it away. Now take a cloth diaper that is easy to use and add some punk rock, goth, or designer fabrics to it and voila - the most happening cloth diaper around!

The Eli Monster has the most happening diapers on the market. They have the most hip and trendy fabrics to choose from for the outer most layer like skulls and cross bones, racing stripes and numbers, nautical stars, etc. Not only are the fabrics awesome to look at, but they also feel like high quality fabric! Plus the tattoo star logo sewn on the front of the diaper adds such a rockin finishing touch.

Under the fantastic outer fabric is the waterproof PUL to keep moisture where it belongs - inside. The Eli Monster uses soft suedecloth as the fabric that touches the baby's skin because it pulls wetness to the inner most layer that has a very absorbent microcloth for the soaker. I love that there are aplix closures because you can adjust the diaper to fit a skinny baby or a chubby baby! Plus, when you wash these babies, you just have to fold over the velcro to the laundry tabs so that the velcro will not pull the other laundry.

Check out today to see why I have fallen head over heals in love with these cloth diapers. They are super adorable, easy to use, and eco-friendly - what's not to love!

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