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I always have a fear of washing my daughter's bottles, cups, bowls, etc. with normal liquid dish soap. I think to myself: "What if I don't rinse all of the soap away?" "Will she get sick?" "Will the scent that lingers on her dishes hurt her?" Let's just say, I got sick of worrying, so I took matters into my own hands, and found the answer to my problem. Dapple!

Dapple is a company that makes baby-safe cleaning products. Inspired by their own children, Tamar and Dana wanted to create safe cleaning solutions for washing bottles, nipples, cups, etc so that when their children put those items in their mouths, they would be safe from harmful chemicals. Dapple makes liquid dish soap as well as automatic dishwasher detergent.

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The liquid dish soap is a very gentle soap made from natural-based ingredients; therefore, you no longer have to worry about your baby ingesting harsh chemicals. It works well to get rid of milk and food from your baby's dishes as well as your own dishes! Plus it is biodegradable, so you can feel great about using it everyday because it is safe for our environment. I love that Dapple uses pure lavender essential oil to fragrance the soap. It definitely makes hand-washing dishes much more pleasant and very relaxing. Also, I found that when I was done cleaning my little one's bottles, it only took a couple of rinses to get rid of the soap - very convenient for when you have a lot of bottles to wash!

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Dapple's automatic dish detergent is made from natural-based ingredients as well. It is 100 % phosphate, chlorine, and fragrance free. You can be at peace knowing that all the dishes will get squeaky clean without harmful chemicals. Plus this detergent is also biodegradable; therefore, you will be helping our environment instead of harming it!

So, if you're ready to stop worrying about washing your child's dishes with harmful chemicals, then check out www.dapplebaby.com. Also, next on Dapple's agenda is a baby-safe toy cleaner; therefore, check back often to be one of the first one's to get another amazing product!

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