Little Miss Organic

Hoodies. Everyone loves hoodies! They are so comfortable, cute, and they pretty much go with anything. I am a hoodie fein and literally own atleast fifteen myself. So, when I came across a company that makes hoodies for children, I got over the top excited. This means that I can now start dressing my daughter in hoodies as well!

Kaya Now is a company that makes beautiful hoodies for babies and toddlers. Not only are they amazing in craftsmanship, but they are also organic - meaning they are extremely soft and light weight.

There are two different kinds of hoodies that you can purchase. One is a sleeveless hoodie and the other is the standard long sleeve hoodie. My favorite is the short sleeve hoodie. It is a great top by itself for the summer months, and makes a great layering peice for the winter months.

I think that it is really awesome that Kaya Now packages their hoodies in handmade reusable drawstring bags made from recycled fabrics. In essence, you are getting two products for one price. You get such a marvelous peice of clothing as well as a neat storage bag for anything and everything! is the place to go to find the most adorable, comfortable, and eco-friendly hoodies for your little ones. These hoodies are priced so perfectly for such high quality hoodies that you don't want to miss out on these puppies!

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