DRY as can BEE

Drybees and Wahmies. You're probably wondering what they are, right? Well, before we get into the details, I want to first applaud the singular owner of these two separate and very creative diaper companies. She began making cloth diapers for her companies after her children were put to bed at night - what a sacrifice. A busy mommy during the day, then business mom at night. What an amazing woman!

Now, on to the details. Drybees is a diaper company that makes the perfect Pocket Diaper, the wonderful All-In-One Diaper, the beautiful Lacies Diaper, and the popular Night Time Diaper. Wahmies is a company that carries the One Size Diaper as well as fun and funk-tional cloth diaper accessories.

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I really like the Drybees Pocket Diaper. The outer layer is made of PUL (polyurethane laminated layer), so there is no need for a diaper cover. The inner layer is made of really soft suedecloth, so it is comfortable for baby, plus it pulls wetness away from the skin keeping your baby DRY as can BEE. The hook and loop closures make diaper changing extremely easy like disposables, plus washing the diapers is a breeze with the fold over laundry tabs. I also want to point out that the top of the diaper has been stitched; therefore, the diaper will stay where it belongs, so the velcro will not
ride up or down on your little ones precious skin.

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I can honestly say that the Drybees All-In-One Diaper is now my favorite diaper thus far! This diaper is made from the same pattern of the Drybees Pocket Diaper except there is a hidden sewn in three layer microfiber insert. Like the pocket diaper there is still the pocket in the back of the diaper in case you want to add extra inserts for more absorbency - great for all day trips out of the house or night time use. This diaper is very convenient with a fantastic fit and zero bulk!

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Not only does
Drybess carry the most functional and well fitting diapers, but Wahmies also carries a great diaper known as the One Size Diaper. This diaper truely fits babies of all sizes and shapes from newborn to toddler. It has four rows of snaps down the front accommodating for a newborn, a toddler, or the in between stages. It also has quick hook closures all around the top of the diaper so that you can fit it to your child's exact size. These closures are perfect for those little ones with a large curiosity! I can almost guarantee that you that your little one will not be able to get this diaper loose; however, you will be able to with much ease.

Wahmies also has really cute wet bags in all sizes, durable diaper pail liners, really soft versatile cloth wipes, microfiber inserts, adorable bib clips, as well as the quick trip tote. These great cloth diaper accessories really make cloth diapering convenient, fun and exciting!

Now that you have been informed of the best cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories swarming the market today, be sure to check out it out for yourself at
www.drybees.com and www.wahmies.com.

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