Breastfeeding Made Easy

I don't know about you, but I used to find breastfeeding quite a hassle while out in public. I would have to pull out a blanket from the diaper bag, place it over my shoulder while pulling down my shirt, and somehow find a way to stick my darling underneath the blanket without the blanket falling down and exposing my goods. Plus, I hated putting my baby under a blanket where she probably could not breathe all that well! If you are like me and dread going out in public because you will probably have to breastfeed at some point, then I have the most wonderful solution ever. It is called the Slurp and Burp.

The Slurp and Burp is layered cotton material that looks like a sash. All you do is place it over one shoulder and under the other shoulder, separate the layer of cotton, place your baby's mouth where the layers separate, and voila! You are breastfeeding without covering up your precious baby while keeping all your goods where the sun does not shine.

I seriously believe that the Slurp and Burp is the greatest invention known to man. It's very easy to carry in your purse or diaper bag. You can feed your baby, burp your baby, and feed your baby once again in public without having to worry about showing off anything to anyone.

The Slurp and Burp comes in all kinds of fun and funky designs as well as organic. You can purchase one of two options - the Slurp and Burp with a sewn in burp cloth or the Slurp and Burp with the detachable burp cloth.

Visit to see this great invention. It is well worth the investment for your baby's comfort and your privacy while doing what's natural out in public!

Wrap Your Baby In Pure Luxury

Bamboo is a fascinating fabric. It is naturally anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, and thermal regulating. Plus, bamboo is eco-friendly. What better way to use bamboo than in baby products and baby apparel. The
BabyBam Collection carries just that - adorable bamboo baby products!

My favorite is the hooded bamboo towels from
BabyBam Collection. Out of all the baby towels in our house, we almost always use this towel. It is the softest towel that I have ever come across. I love wrapping my precious baby up in this towel after a refreshingly warm bath. She would stay in this towel all day if it was up to her! I love that their towels are not only generously sized, but they are also super absorbent than most of the baby towels that we own.

BabyBam Collection also carries really cute onesies and pajamas as well as really nice bath and body products for your little one. With such amazing baby products made from the finest eco-friendly materials at great prices, you will want to get everything that BabyBam Collection has to offer.

Visit to see it all for yourself. And remember the holidays are right around the corner, and BabyBam Collection has great gift sets for the little ones in your life!

Pea Pod Bottles

I have an obsession with finding really cute glass baby bottles. I guess it's because most of the glass baby bottles that we own are kind of boring. I have just recently come across really adorable glass baby bottles by Sweet Pea Baby Supplies.

These bottles come in 9 oz bottles and 5 oz bottles which is great for newborns as well as older babies. I love that the bottles are shaped like an hour glass because it makes it really easy to hold for you and your baby. Sweet Pea Baby bottles are the exact opposite of boring because you can add a bottle cover to your baby's bottle for added fun as well as protection against breakage!

Sweet Pea Baby Supplies makes buying these bottles as easy as 1,2,3 because a 5 oz bottle is only $7.99 and a 9 oz bottle is only $8.99. You can buy the glass baby bottle covers in a variety of funky colors at only $6.99 for the 5 oz bottle and only $7.99 for the 9 oz bottle. I highly recommend these baby bottles and covers. They definitely make feeding time more fun for everyone. And at these great prices, you can buy a whole set without going broke.

Check out these fabulous bottles and covers for yourself at Also, see my daughter with her Sweet Pea bottles in action below:

Ippo The Hippo Bath Buddy

My daughter is the most wiggly baby that I have ever come across; therefore, you can only imagine what bath time would be like. Before we had Ippo The Hippo from Ecoleeko, my husband and I would have to hold down our little one with one hand and try to wash her with a small wash cloth in the other hand. This would cause a vicious cycle of the wash cloth falling, having to soap the cloth up again, and attempt to wash our daughter over and over again.

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Once we started using Ippo The Hippo from Ecoleeko, we found bath time to be more pleasurable for everyone. My daughter loves to play with the bath mit. It's so soft and full of color! Plus, it makes washing my wiggle worm so much more easier because all you have to do is put the mit on, soap up, and voila - it does not fall into the water like little wash cloths!

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All bath mittens from Ecoleeko are made from organic cotton french terry cloth, organic cotton thread, as well as hemp yarn for the face. So not only are the bath mittens great for your little ones delicate skin, but it is also great for the environment! There are a variety of adorable bath mittens to choose from like Ippo The Hippo, Solar Polar Cub, FlipEco The Dolphin, and Allyeco The Alligator.

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Ecoleeko has other amazing eco-friendly products like really cute baby rattles, plush dolls, bean bag toys as well as really pretty recycled gift wraping for small and large toys. Check out to see all of these great eco-friendly products today.

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Fashionably Warm - GIVEAWAY

Now that winter is approaching fast, you'll want to start bundling up you and your children. And what better way to keep warm than with BabyLegs arm and leg warmers. These warmers are so adorable and come in all kinds of colors and styles. You can get the original, organic, or seasonal warmers.

I love that BabyLegs fits children as well as adults. Why should kids always get all the fun stuff? At such great prices, you will want to get every pair in every color and season for you and your children.

Not only are these warmers awesome for keeping warm, but they are also perfect for little ones learning to crawl. My daughter does the worm move across the floor to get where she wants to go, and she always ends up with red carpet burn on her knees. However, once I put a pair of BabyLegs on her legs, she did not get anymore carpet burn. What a wonderful invention - keeping your child warm and fashionable while protecting their little legs and knees from the floor!

I really like that BabyLegs is running a promotion in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you purchase a pair of the really cute Pink Ribbon BabyLegs, then 10 % of the proceeds will go to the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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Be sure to visit to see all of the trendy arm and leg warmers today. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas right around the corner, you'll want to stock up on all of the seasonal styles for everyone in your family.

Now for a limited time offer, BabyLegs is giving away a pair of their seasonal warmers to a US Resident only (this excludes the Pink Ribbon Edition).
To qualify for this amazing opportunity, browse around on the BabyLegs website, and then come back to Green Baby Giggles to tell me what colors and styles are your favorite and who it would be for. Please leave your email address in your post, so that I will be able to contact you if you are the winner! This contest will run for one week from this post; therefore, you must get your entry in by the end of next Thursday (November 6, 2008, 6pm). The winner will be announced Friday morning. Good luck! And the winner is..........Tcjwoodman! Congratulations!!!!

Classy Kid On The Go....

I don't know about you, but I am always on the go; therefore, my daughter's diaper bag becomes my purse. It is always filled to the very tip top with her things as well as my things. So needless to say when there is something that can be replaced with a smaller version of that thing, I am totally in!

My daughter's diaper changing mat is fairly large and bulky, so to be able to pull it out of the diaper bag and replace it with Classy Kid's Green and Clean Changing Table Cover was such a blessing. These changing table covers are a decent size (18" wide by 22" long) when they are unfolded which is great because they will fit literally any changing table in public. But the thing that I love most is that they can be folded up into a little square allowing more room in your diaper bag. Plus, they are disposable as well as biodegradable meaning they will break down much faster than most plastics.

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Classy Kid also makes Green and Clean Biodegradable Diaper Sacks. These are amazing because all you have to do is throw the dirty disposable diaper in the sack and voila :

1. the smell stays put,
2. its much more sanitary than throwing the diaper itself away in the trash,
3. its convenient,
4. cuts down on air borne disease,
5. and environmentally friendly

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I love all of the products from Classy Kid. They have so many neat products that are great for your child's needs as well as the earth's needs. At such great prices, you'll want every single product that they make! You can get these fabulous products at, www.BabyCent,,, or in Canada at Safety Superstore and TJ's Kids.

Saving The Earth One Clip At A Time

You can never have too many clips for your daughter's hair. After all, she is a girl, and girls love to shop and be pretty! Pammy Dawn has very stylish 100 % wool clips at amazing prices. My favorite is the Green Earth Flower. What better way to show your support for a healthy earth than with this uber cute clip?

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Pammy Dawn hand makes each clip; therefore, you know that you are getting high quality products. This company uses 100 % wool because it is much more durable, soft, and prettier than store bought felt. Plus, the edges will not fray!

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You can get these clips with a snap clip for baby fine hair, or with a french clip for thicker hair, or with a pin as a brooch. Pammy Dawn will also make custom orders if you like what you see, but want a different colors.

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Pammy Dawn makes all kinds of clips from yummy food to adorable animals as well as holiday clips. With so many to choose from at great prices, you'll definitely want to get one of every kind! Visit to see what all they have to offer.

Bumkins For Your Munchkins

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It can be quite difficult to find the perfect cloth diaper for your precious baby. Buying different diapers here and there to figure out which ones work best can be a big drag. I have tried a bunch of different diapers, and have only found a few that suit my daughter's needs after a lot of trial and error. Some of them are just too saggy in the bottom while others leak after thirty minutes!

If you are like me, and you are tired of playing trial and error with your time and money, then you need to be introduced to the Bumkins all-in-one cloth diapers. These diapers are so amazing! First off, this is not your typical all-in-one cloth diaper. The inner layer of this diaper has six layers of 100% pure cotton fabric with airflow panels. The airflow panels cuts drying time in half; whereas, other all-in-one's take a million years to dry.

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Secondly, these diapers have an awesome silky waterproof outer layer. Not only are the prints adorable, but they also stay brand new looking wash after wash. With so many fun and funky prints, you'll want to purchase them all! I have washed my daughter's Bumkins diapers at least half a dozen times now, and they are still perfect!

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Thirdly, the velcro closures make cloth diapering so easy because they are very sturdy and take way less time to put on your wiggle worm than snap closures. I love that the velcro closures are now rounded instead of square. It definitely gives a modern look to them as well as a snug fit. The way that the laundry tabs are designed on the Bumkins diapers makes washing them so easy. The tabs create a handle to hold on to if you need to spray down the diaper. Plus, the diaper remains open during wash time for a cleaner diaper.

I also want to point out that the Bumkins diapers are generously sized without being bulky. I hate bulky cloth diapers! It makes putting onesies on your baby very difficult; however, with the Bumkins, you don't have to worry about bulk or forcing onesies on your child. These diapers provide ultimate comfort for your little one while protecting them against leaks.

I love love love the Bumkins diapers. You should definitely check them out for yourself because I can almost guarantee that you won't have to search around for anymore cloth diapers once you have tried them! Visit today. They have fabulous diapers, diaper covers, diaper bags, bibs, gift sets, diaper bundles, and much much more.

On a side note, I want to let you know that Bumkins Finer Baby Products is running a wonderful promotion this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Their Grande Diaper Bag is now on sale and includes five Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons with each bag's purchase. These ribbons can be given to family and friends to show support and raise awareness of this deadly threat!

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Also, now for a limited time until December 31, 2008 you will receive free ground UPS shipping on orders $75.00 or more from Bumkins Finer Baby Products. Just enter the code giggles08.


I think that all children's clothing should be fun and cheerful with bright colors and comfy fabrics. Kids should be able to play around in stretchy clothes that give off a bold statement. With the Happy Green Bee children's clothing line, you can be sure to get all of the above in your kids clothes.

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Not only will your child's clothing be fun and comfortable, but they will also be healthy for your little ones as well as the earth. Happy Green Bee makes 100% organic clothing in fabulous colors from watermelon sky to pumpkin radish. There are so many pieces to choose from that you can mix and match the shirts with the skorts, shorts, leggings, etc.

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My favorite article of clothing from Happy Green Bee is the dress. It looks so adorable on my little girl with the asymmetrical bottom. The dress looks great by itself, with leggings, or tights - very versatile for only $36.00.

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Happy Green Bee's prices are fairly inexpensive for such stylish organic clothes. With everything below $40.00, you can definitely stock up to give your child a great time making different outfits from their clothes. Be sure to check it out for yourself at

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Milk Jug Tea Set

I am constantly worrying about the toys that my little girl pops in her mouth. Are they made in China? Do they have lead in them or BPA in them? Are they good for the Earth?

With Green Toys, I no longer have to worry about my daughter is popping into her mouth. These toys are so cute as well as very functional. Plus they are all made in the USA without BPA and phthalates which means they are safe for your child to chew on, play with, etc. Also, Green Toys uses recycled milk jugs to make each and every toy - totally eco-friendly!

I love that the toys are made in California because this state is known for their strict safety and environmental laws. By being produced in the USA, the toys do not have to travel across seas which saves a lot of energy as well as cutting down on the greenhouse gases!

I highly recommend these toys. What is not to love? They are safe for your child as well as the earth. They are extremely cute as well as inexpensive. Plus, Green Toys use recycled milk jugs for their product as well as recycled packaging without any twist ties, plastics, or cellophane. You can't get any better than this!

Check out these fabulous toys for yourself at They definitely have something for every child - tea sets, gardening kits, cookware, and sand play toys. See the pictures below of my little one enjoying her tea set from Green Toys.

Green Friendly Accessories

Mia Bella is a company that hand makes beautiful accessories for everyone. My favorite is the baby / toddler hats. You can get sizes like 0 - 6 months, 6 months, and 2 year old to adult. If you don't see a size that you like, just ask and you will receive if there is enough fabric!

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They have come up with a wonderful pattern that is great for a boy or girl. Plus,
Mia Bella often reuses old fabrics to create such an adorable accessory. My daughter's hat from Mia Bella is so cute that she gets a compliment on it everywhere that we go!

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Also, my husband and I eventually want four children altogether; therefore, it does not matter what sex the next baby will be because the hat is gender neutral. What an amazing deal - eco-friendly as well as a hat for a boy and / or girl!

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Not only does Mia Bella make hats for babies and toddlers, but they also make hats for adults, fabulous jewelry, clothing, tissue holders, headbands, and much much more. Be sure to check it out for yourself at

Wet Bags Full Of Color

I have fallen in love with the Monkey Foot Designs wetbags! They are made from beautiful high quality fabrics which means it will look amazing wash after wash. The inside lining is made from ProCare which is much thicker than most wetbag lining that I have seen; therefore, it is more durable.

I really like that the wetbags from Monkey Foot Designs has a snap on strap. You can snap the wetbag on to a stroller, a diaper bag, gym bag, or whatever floats your boat! They come in all kinds of sizes from small to extra large. And, if you don't see a size that matches your needs, all you have to do is ask for a custom order!

Our large wetbag is so spacious that I can fit three diapers, lots of wipes, bibs, as well as one of my daughter's outfits in it with room to spare. And I am very pleased to say that all of the wetness and smells stay where it should - inside the bag!

These wetbags are so versatile because you can use them for basically anything that is wet or damp like diapers, wipes, towels, bathing suits, clothes, etc. Plus, they are very easy to clean. All you have to do is throw it into your washer machine as well as your dryer and voila - ready to use all over again!

Not only does Monkey Foot Designs carry amazing wetbags, but they also have really neat belts, very pretty bags and purses, bibs, burp cloths, nursing covers, adorable custom toddler pants, as well as fabulous fabrics and patterns. Check out to see everything for yourself.

Eco-friendly Stuffed Animals

Meet the Snuggle Herd: Zandra the Zebra, Elsa the Elephant, Ginny the Giraffe, and Lyle the Lion. Sounds like the beginning to a fun and exciting children's story, right? Well, your kind of close.

The Snuggle Herd characters are actually eco-friendly stuffed animals. Each toy is made from 90% recycled or reclaimed materials.
I think that it is fabulous that Snuggle Herd is committed to being green! They take thrifted t-shirts that have been stained or have horrible sayings on them, and make beautiful creations from them. They make sure to use every scrap and piece of fabric to prevent waste.

I love that these toys are not just toys. They have been given a personality; therefore, bringing life to each and every one of the toys. What an amazing idea - great for the environment as well as your child's imagination!

My little one adores Zandra the Zebra. Once I put it into her hands, she started laughing, cuddling, and eating it. Zandra is so soft and so pretty to look at that I don't blame my daughter one bit for not wanting to let go of her!

Visit or to get your child's imagination flowing. At such an amazing price, you'll want to buy the whole herd!

Now for a limited time only, you can
save 15% on all Snuggle Herd orders through November 15, 2008. All you have to do is enter the code "giggles" in the Notes to Seller area when placing your order at (Wait for a revised invoice via email before paying). What a great opportunity to start stocking up on Christmas presents for the little ones in your life!

Green Mobile

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There are so many different kinds of mobiles for babies rooms from animals to shapes; however, I have found the perfect mobile that would fit into any baby's room!

Peace Lily is a home based company that makes peace crane mobiles from handmade recycled paper from a fair trade company in India. They use all different kinds of colors like lime, gray marble, coral, etc. My favorite is the multi-colored mobile because you get a variety of beautiful colors. Each mobile from Peace Lily has matching gemstones that are stranded perfectly around each crane on nylon coated stainless steel wire.

My daughter loves her Peace Lily mobile. She will stare at it for hours while talking up a storm. Plus, the mobile looks so pretty hanging from the ceiling. It just fits in so well!

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These mobiles are absolutely breath taking! Not only can you use these mobiles for a baby's room, but you can also use them as decoration in any room in your home. Being so dainty and whimsical, they could be placed anywhere, and they would look amazing. What a great gift for a wedding shower, baby shower, or just to show someone that you love them.

Be sure to check out or to get your green mobile today. You can't beat $15.00 to $40.00 for such an amazing piece of art!

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Over Sized T-Shirts = Children's Clothes

Everso is a clothing company that takes scraps, vintage fabrics, old clothes, etc., and turns them into really adorable baby and children's clothing.

I am very fond of the baby infant gowns / sleep sacks made from adult t-shirts. They are one of a kind and super cute. Plus, it is a great idea to take old t-shirts, and turn them into something that a baby can wear - very eco-friendly!

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Another one of my favorites from Everso Clothing is the reversible baby bib. These bibs grow with your baby because there are strings that tie around your little ones neck. Plus, it is so soft with batting in between the layers of fabric. For $10.00, you are definitely getting your monies worth with two bibs in one that will grow with your child through toddler years!

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Not only does Everso Clothing make infant gowns and baby bibs, but they also make the cutest aprons, skirts, dresses and pants from vintage fabrics. Be sure to check to see all of the neat and retro children's clothing at fabulous prices!

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Plastic Bags As Baby Bibs?

Get ready for this...

You know how grocery stores, clothing stores, and basically any store will put your purchases into plastic bags? Or almost everything that we buy comes in plastic bags like bread and chips? Well, not only is that very wasteful, but it is also horrible for our environment seeing as plastic bags kill thousands of animals every year!

A company called The Pretty Bean came up a with a useful way to take plastic bags, and turn them into a brilliant product - a fused plastic baby bib! This is such a creative and fun idea. Who would have ever thought to take unwanted plastic, and turn it into something that every parent needs for baby's feeding time.

I love these bibs by The Pretty Bean because......

1. They are easy to clean and waterproof. All you have to do is take a wet hand towel and wipe it down. Simple as one, two, three!

2. They are generously portioned. When I put one of these bibs on my daughter, it actually covered her entire outfit; therefore, saving her outfits from food and juice stains.

3. They are reversible. It's like two bibs in one!

4. They are eco-friendly.

5. They are sturdy which means that they will last a long time.

6. They have velcro closures. I know with my little girl, she is always moving; therefore, anything that is easy to close like velcro automatically becomes number one in my books!

7. Best of all, they are very inexpensive, meaning you can stock up on them for your family, your friends, baby showers, co-workers, etc.

I definitely recommend The Pretty Bean's plastic baby bibs to anyone and everyone with a child. What better way to save our planet as well as your child's clothing? Check it out for yourself at

Spray, Wipe, Play

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I really don't like chemicals, especially when it comes to my child. So, needless to say, when the time comes to wipe down my daughter's highchair, I usually just use water. This however as you can imagine creates an annoying issue of fruit flies - gross, I know!

Just recently, I tried out a new product from Dapple - the Toy Cleaner Spray. Once I sprayed in onto my daughter's highchair, I noticed that there were not any fruit flies swarming around it the next day! What a relief. Not only did it get rid of a nuisance, but the highchair smelled so fresh and natural.

I love that Dapple uses green technology and natural ingredients like baking soda, so everything that comes in contact with this cleaner becomes a healthy clean, not a harmful clean. This product is not antibacterial, so that your little one builds up a good immune system. It's like a soapy water clean without the work. I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me!

Dapple's Toy Cleaner Spray
is great for baby's toys as well as most surfaces in your house, car, etc. This is great because your baby will most likely touch anything and everything in their surroundings; therefore, you don't have to worry anymore about them eating chemicals ever again.

This amazing cleaner will be available around Thanksgiving at or as well as in many baby boutiques nationwide. So, keep checking back periodically. And remember that it's easy as spray, wipe, play!

Greetings With Recycled Materials

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There is always a need for sending out thank you notes, holiday cards, birthday cards, etc. What better way to send love, than to send it on paper that is made from recycled materials?

A Punkin Card Company makes really beautiful cards with a modern twist for every occasion - even Halloween! These cards are very colorful and loaded with creativity. I love that each card is handmade; therefore, you know that you are getting a high quality product made with love.

A Punkin Card Company thought of it all. They sell wedding invitations, business cards, recipe cards, and my favorite mommy calling cards. Best of all, each card, invitation, etc. is crafted so well that you will probably want to frame them and keep them as memories!

So, if you are like me, and love to stock up on all kinds of cards for every occasion, then you should check out Their prices are amazing for such phenomenal works of art!

Recycled Accessories

I have a confession to make....

I have a fetish with collecting bottle cap tops! Not sure why, but I get satisfaction from keeping them instead of tossing them out. I guess somewhere deep down inside, I am waiting for inspiration to make something creative from them.

Just recently I have come across a company that got my wheels spinning.
Bittersweet Bootique is a company that makes really neat accessories. What caught my attention was the hair clips made from bottle cap tops! What a clever and useful idea. Who would have ever thought to take bottle cap tops and turn them into adorable hair clips?

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Some of the hair clips have the original bottle cap top like the Smirnoff label, while other hair clips have other icons over the original label like the myspace logo. My favorite is the reduce, reuse, recycle symbol! The bottle caps are placed upon colored tulle which in my opinion totally completes the clip! Each bow is put onto an aligator clip; therefore, it is perfect in hair, on a bag, or on a shirt. So, not only are these adorable clips eco-friendly, but they are very versatile.

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Bittersweet Bootique
also makes hemp chokers, bracelets, hand bags, blankets, etc. Plus, with every purchase you get free little fun gifts. Who doesn't love free fun gifts? So, to get very creative and funky accessories with free gifts, be sure to check out

Cashmere protectors

Eva Foreva is a fabulous company that makes really stylish accessories and clothes for children as well as adults. All of their items are handmade from recycled materials and fabrics; therefore, each and every item is completely different and creative.

My daughter and I love the pair of recycled black cashmere leg and arm warmers from Eva Foreva. They are so soft and have many different uses. Nothing beats the comfort of recycled cashmere to protect little legs and arms against carpet burn while adding a bit style. They not only protect my baby's precious skin as she wonders the carpeted floors of our house, but they also protect her limbs from the chilly winds as fall rolls through. These leg and arm warmers are so adorable with just a diaper, or they make the perfect outfit underneath a dress.

Be sure to check out to see all the amazing accessories and clothes that they have to offer. Be confident knowing that you and your child are hip and trendy while also investing in the earth's health, when you wear Eva Foreva's apparel!

Ohgeez Organic Clothing Give Away!

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The children's organic clothing line from Ohgeez Organic Clothing Company is absolutely breathtaking. They pretty much have it all with the most adorable casual clothes to the most gorgeous and sophisticated clothes.
You can get the clothes in a variety of beautiful colors like ocean and purple sky, or you can get them in the original color of natural. Ohgeez carries clothes from newborn sizes all the way up to child sizes. Not only are the clothes amazing, but the prices are also not bad at all for a great investment in your child's health as well as the earth's health.

The soft jersey dresses and the light weight linen pants have definitely won my heart over, and I know if you visit today, you will find a few things that win your heart over as well!

Now for a limited time offer, Ohgeez is giving away either a $25.00 gift certificate or a long sleeve t-shirt in your choice of size and color. To qualify for this amazing opportunity, browse around on their website, and then come back to Green Baby Giggles to tell me what has won your heart over and who it would be for. Please leave your email address in your post, so that I will be able to contact you if you are the winner! This contest will run for one week from this post; therefore, you must get your entry in by the end of next Thursday (October 9, 2008, 6pm). The winner will be announced Friday morning. Good luck! And the winner is......Mommy's Monkey!!! Congratulations!

Thoughtfully Handmade Organic Apparel

The new trend is "going green" with what you put on your back to what you put in your mouth. Sometimes "going green" with apparel can be quite boring. However, I have found one company that sells organic apparel that is the exact opposite of boring.
Oliver Handmade's organic clothing for babies and toddlers, are so precious that you will want to stock up on everything!

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They take the most adorable appliques and heat fuse them onto organic onesies or t-shirts. Then they hand embroider the applique for a stunning finishing touch as well as for extra durability. You can also get your child's name embroidered on the apparel too!

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I can honestly say that our little girls onesie from Oliver Handmade is definitely my favorite onesie out of all the millions of clothes that she owns. I know that it is great for our environment while providing ultimate comfort. Best of all, this onesie is far from being dull.

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Check out to stock up on adorable organic apparel for your little one. $15.00 for such a beautiful masterpeice is hard to come by these days!

Cloth Accessories For Every Monkey

I always try to find more ways to make cloth diapering fun.
Mommy's Lil Monkey is a company that definitely makes cloth diapering more exciting. They have so many different kinds of diaper liners and cloth wipes in all different kinds of funky prints.

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I pretty much dread changing my daughter's diaper because she always twists and turns on me; therefore, it's like wrestling with a large slippery fish! However, when I hand her one of the flannel bright and colorful baby wipes from Mommy's Lil Monkey, she stays still for me like she has been put into a trance.

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The flannel large baby wipes (5 by 5) are great for real icky messes, and the flannel smaller wipes are perfect for a quick wipe here and there. Plus they both fit in a plastic baby wipes container!

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My favorite baby wipe from Mommy's Lil Monkey is the flannel / terry wipe. There is a fun flannel print on one side with a matching color terry cloth fabric on the other side. These are a bit bigger (bulkier) than the regular flannel baby wipes; however, I love that these wipes have a texture to them - great for getting really really really sticky messes away.

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I really like that Mommy's Lil Monkey makes a bunch of different cloth liners because every baby is different. They have two layer liners and four layer liners; therefore, if you have a heavy wetter on your hands, you can get the heavier liners. The heavier liners are not only great for heavy wetters, but they are also great for overnight as well. All of the diaper liners work really well; however, the fleece liners in my opinion rank number one. They are so soft and have high absorbency! Plus, the prints are so fun to look at.

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I can boldly say that I look forward to diaper changing time with my daughter now that I have so many fun and funky choices to choose from. Diaper changing in my house is now a grand event rather than a drag! Visit to make your child's diaper changing time exciting for everyone.

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Little Miss Organic

Hoodies. Everyone loves hoodies! They are so comfortable, cute, and they pretty much go with anything. I am a hoodie fein and literally own atleast fifteen myself. So, when I came across a company that makes hoodies for children, I got over the top excited. This means that I can now start dressing my daughter in hoodies as well!

Kaya Now is a company that makes beautiful hoodies for babies and toddlers. Not only are they amazing in craftsmanship, but they are also organic - meaning they are extremely soft and light weight.

There are two different kinds of hoodies that you can purchase. One is a sleeveless hoodie and the other is the standard long sleeve hoodie. My favorite is the short sleeve hoodie. It is a great top by itself for the summer months, and makes a great layering peice for the winter months.

I think that it is really awesome that Kaya Now packages their hoodies in handmade reusable drawstring bags made from recycled fabrics. In essence, you are getting two products for one price. You get such a marvelous peice of clothing as well as a neat storage bag for anything and everything! is the place to go to find the most adorable, comfortable, and eco-friendly hoodies for your little ones. These hoodies are priced so perfectly for such high quality hoodies that you don't want to miss out on these puppies!

Rockin Diapers

In my opinion, all-in-one cloth diapers are the most easiest to use. It's like using a disposable, but washing it instead of throwing it away. Now take a cloth diaper that is easy to use and add some punk rock, goth, or designer fabrics to it and voila - the most happening cloth diaper around!

The Eli Monster has the most happening diapers on the market. They have the most hip and trendy fabrics to choose from for the outer most layer like skulls and cross bones, racing stripes and numbers, nautical stars, etc. Not only are the fabrics awesome to look at, but they also feel like high quality fabric! Plus the tattoo star logo sewn on the front of the diaper adds such a rockin finishing touch.

Under the fantastic outer fabric is the waterproof PUL to keep moisture where it belongs - inside. The Eli Monster uses soft suedecloth as the fabric that touches the baby's skin because it pulls wetness to the inner most layer that has a very absorbent microcloth for the soaker. I love that there are aplix closures because you can adjust the diaper to fit a skinny baby or a chubby baby! Plus, when you wash these babies, you just have to fold over the velcro to the laundry tabs so that the velcro will not pull the other laundry.

Check out today to see why I have fallen head over heals in love with these cloth diapers. They are super adorable, easy to use, and eco-friendly - what's not to love!

Pretty In Recycled Bottles?

You wouldn't think that a baby or toddler wearing recycled plastic bottles in their hair would be cute, right? Well, guess again. Two Punky Peas has the most amazing hair clips made from ecospun felt. Ecospun felt is made from recycled plastic bottles; however, you can't tell from looking at it!

My absolute favorite clip is the Love Trees Felt Snap Hair Clip. When your child is wearing this clip, everyone will know that you and your child love the environment. Plus the little tree with the heart in the middle is just too adorable to pass up! The clip is not only adorable, but it also stays put. My daughter has very little hair; however, the clip is perfect for little to no hair. Obviously it will work better with a child who has more hair, but it does work on very little hair as well!

You can choose from a wide variety of pretty hair clips from Two Punky Peas like the the yummy fruit salad collection, the beautiful custom made flowers, or even holiday clips. Each felt clip can be made on an alligator clip or a ponytail holder or even both - so many options!

All of the clips from Two Punky Peas are priced so perfectly that you can stock up on them without putting a dent in your wallet.
Buying these clips will not only add a spark to your child's style, but they will also be making a fashion statement by wearing recycled plastic bottles in their hair. Visit to give your child(ren) the perfect eco-friendly accessory today!

Soft Tushie Soaker

Sew Bee It Couture has the softest and cutest fleece diaper soakers. They come in all different sizes from small to xlarge, and there are so many fun and different prints to choose from. You can also get the regular fleece soakers, the pant fleece soakers, or even the most adorable skirties fleece soakers. I am a very indecisive person, so with there being so many fantastic choices, it's so hard for me to come to a decision; therefore, I want them all!

The soakers from Sew Bee It Couture are so adorable that you can put your child in just a diaper with the soaker and you're all set for the day! These soakers fit over any fitted diaper or prefold diaper. Plus, you can also put them on over a normal diaper as well just for the fun of it.

The Sew Bee It Couture's soakers are priced anywhere from $7.00 to $13.00 each. This is great because you can get a few of the regular for summer, a few of the pants for winter, and a few of the skirties for spring and fall!

So, let's recap. Sew Bee It Couture has amazing soakers for outstanding prices! Go get yours now at

Little Hippy Chick

In my opinion, hats, headbands, belts, etc. are so adorable on babies. So, when you find accessories for babies that are not only adorable, but they are also organic and eco-friendly, then you have hit the jack pot!

Nuala Clothing and Accessories makes the most beautiful crocheted accessories for babies as well as adults. My favorite is the child's organic crocheted hat with a bill. This hat is super soft making me want to snuggle up with it! Once you put it on your little one, you will fall head over heals in love with it. When I took my daughter out in public with her hat, everyone stopped us and asked us where we got it from because they thought it was too darling. You can't get any better than $15.00 for such an uber cute and eco-friendly baby hat!

Not only does Nuala Clothing and Accessories make the most precious accessories for babies, but they also make hip and trendy accessories for adults as well. You can get any hat for any size head in any color that you want! You can also get crocheted belts, headbands, scarves, and bags.

So, if you want or need to add a little something extra your baby's wardrobe or even your wardrobe, then you need to check out to get the most fabulous crocheted accessories for such great prices!