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There are so many different kinds of mobiles for babies rooms from animals to shapes; however, I have found the perfect mobile that would fit into any baby's room!

Peace Lily is a home based company that makes peace crane mobiles from handmade recycled paper from a fair trade company in India. They use all different kinds of colors like lime, gray marble, coral, etc. My favorite is the multi-colored mobile because you get a variety of beautiful colors. Each mobile from Peace Lily has matching gemstones that are stranded perfectly around each crane on nylon coated stainless steel wire.

My daughter loves her Peace Lily mobile. She will stare at it for hours while talking up a storm. Plus, the mobile looks so pretty hanging from the ceiling. It just fits in so well!

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These mobiles are absolutely breath taking! Not only can you use these mobiles for a baby's room, but you can also use them as decoration in any room in your home. Being so dainty and whimsical, they could be placed anywhere, and they would look amazing. What a great gift for a wedding shower, baby shower, or just to show someone that you love them.

Be sure to check out or to get your green mobile today. You can't beat $15.00 to $40.00 for such an amazing piece of art!

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