Eco-friendly Stuffed Animals

Meet the Snuggle Herd: Zandra the Zebra, Elsa the Elephant, Ginny the Giraffe, and Lyle the Lion. Sounds like the beginning to a fun and exciting children's story, right? Well, your kind of close.

The Snuggle Herd characters are actually eco-friendly stuffed animals. Each toy is made from 90% recycled or reclaimed materials.
I think that it is fabulous that Snuggle Herd is committed to being green! They take thrifted t-shirts that have been stained or have horrible sayings on them, and make beautiful creations from them. They make sure to use every scrap and piece of fabric to prevent waste.

I love that these toys are not just toys. They have been given a personality; therefore, bringing life to each and every one of the toys. What an amazing idea - great for the environment as well as your child's imagination!

My little one adores Zandra the Zebra. Once I put it into her hands, she started laughing, cuddling, and eating it. Zandra is so soft and so pretty to look at that I don't blame my daughter one bit for not wanting to let go of her!

Visit or to get your child's imagination flowing. At such an amazing price, you'll want to buy the whole herd!

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save 15% on all Snuggle Herd orders through November 15, 2008. All you have to do is enter the code "giggles" in the Notes to Seller area when placing your order at (Wait for a revised invoice via email before paying). What a great opportunity to start stocking up on Christmas presents for the little ones in your life!

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