Milk Jug Tea Set

I am constantly worrying about the toys that my little girl pops in her mouth. Are they made in China? Do they have lead in them or BPA in them? Are they good for the Earth?

With Green Toys, I no longer have to worry about my daughter is popping into her mouth. These toys are so cute as well as very functional. Plus they are all made in the USA without BPA and phthalates which means they are safe for your child to chew on, play with, etc. Also, Green Toys uses recycled milk jugs to make each and every toy - totally eco-friendly!

I love that the toys are made in California because this state is known for their strict safety and environmental laws. By being produced in the USA, the toys do not have to travel across seas which saves a lot of energy as well as cutting down on the greenhouse gases!

I highly recommend these toys. What is not to love? They are safe for your child as well as the earth. They are extremely cute as well as inexpensive. Plus, Green Toys use recycled milk jugs for their product as well as recycled packaging without any twist ties, plastics, or cellophane. You can't get any better than this!

Check out these fabulous toys for yourself at They definitely have something for every child - tea sets, gardening kits, cookware, and sand play toys. See the pictures below of my little one enjoying her tea set from Green Toys.

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