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It can be quite difficult to find the perfect cloth diaper for your precious baby. Buying different diapers here and there to figure out which ones work best can be a big drag. I have tried a bunch of different diapers, and have only found a few that suit my daughter's needs after a lot of trial and error. Some of them are just too saggy in the bottom while others leak after thirty minutes!

If you are like me, and you are tired of playing trial and error with your time and money, then you need to be introduced to the Bumkins all-in-one cloth diapers. These diapers are so amazing! First off, this is not your typical all-in-one cloth diaper. The inner layer of this diaper has six layers of 100% pure cotton fabric with airflow panels. The airflow panels cuts drying time in half; whereas, other all-in-one's take a million years to dry.

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Secondly, these diapers have an awesome silky waterproof outer layer. Not only are the prints adorable, but they also stay brand new looking wash after wash. With so many fun and funky prints, you'll want to purchase them all! I have washed my daughter's Bumkins diapers at least half a dozen times now, and they are still perfect!

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Thirdly, the velcro closures make cloth diapering so easy because they are very sturdy and take way less time to put on your wiggle worm than snap closures. I love that the velcro closures are now rounded instead of square. It definitely gives a modern look to them as well as a snug fit. The way that the laundry tabs are designed on the Bumkins diapers makes washing them so easy. The tabs create a handle to hold on to if you need to spray down the diaper. Plus, the diaper remains open during wash time for a cleaner diaper.

I also want to point out that the Bumkins diapers are generously sized without being bulky. I hate bulky cloth diapers! It makes putting onesies on your baby very difficult; however, with the Bumkins, you don't have to worry about bulk or forcing onesies on your child. These diapers provide ultimate comfort for your little one while protecting them against leaks.

I love love love the Bumkins diapers. You should definitely check them out for yourself because I can almost guarantee that you won't have to search around for anymore cloth diapers once you have tried them! Visit www.Bumkins.com today. They have fabulous diapers, diaper covers, diaper bags, bibs, gift sets, diaper bundles, and much much more.

On a side note, I want to let you know that Bumkins Finer Baby Products is running a wonderful promotion this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Their Grande Diaper Bag is now on sale and includes five Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons with each bag's purchase. These ribbons can be given to family and friends to show support and raise awareness of this deadly threat!

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Also, now for a limited time until December 31, 2008 you will receive free ground UPS shipping on orders $75.00 or more from Bumkins Finer Baby Products. Just enter the code giggles08.

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