Pea Pod Bottles

I have an obsession with finding really cute glass baby bottles. I guess it's because most of the glass baby bottles that we own are kind of boring. I have just recently come across really adorable glass baby bottles by Sweet Pea Baby Supplies.

These bottles come in 9 oz bottles and 5 oz bottles which is great for newborns as well as older babies. I love that the bottles are shaped like an hour glass because it makes it really easy to hold for you and your baby. Sweet Pea Baby bottles are the exact opposite of boring because you can add a bottle cover to your baby's bottle for added fun as well as protection against breakage!

Sweet Pea Baby Supplies makes buying these bottles as easy as 1,2,3 because a 5 oz bottle is only $7.99 and a 9 oz bottle is only $8.99. You can buy the glass baby bottle covers in a variety of funky colors at only $6.99 for the 5 oz bottle and only $7.99 for the 9 oz bottle. I highly recommend these baby bottles and covers. They definitely make feeding time more fun for everyone. And at these great prices, you can buy a whole set without going broke.

Check out these fabulous bottles and covers for yourself at Also, see my daughter with her Sweet Pea bottles in action below:

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