Cashmere protectors

Eva Foreva is a fabulous company that makes really stylish accessories and clothes for children as well as adults. All of their items are handmade from recycled materials and fabrics; therefore, each and every item is completely different and creative.

My daughter and I love the pair of recycled black cashmere leg and arm warmers from Eva Foreva. They are so soft and have many different uses. Nothing beats the comfort of recycled cashmere to protect little legs and arms against carpet burn while adding a bit style. They not only protect my baby's precious skin as she wonders the carpeted floors of our house, but they also protect her limbs from the chilly winds as fall rolls through. These leg and arm warmers are so adorable with just a diaper, or they make the perfect outfit underneath a dress.

Be sure to check out to see all the amazing accessories and clothes that they have to offer. Be confident knowing that you and your child are hip and trendy while also investing in the earth's health, when you wear Eva Foreva's apparel!

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