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I don't know about you, but I am always on the go; therefore, my daughter's diaper bag becomes my purse. It is always filled to the very tip top with her things as well as my things. So needless to say when there is something that can be replaced with a smaller version of that thing, I am totally in!

My daughter's diaper changing mat is fairly large and bulky, so to be able to pull it out of the diaper bag and replace it with Classy Kid's Green and Clean Changing Table Cover was such a blessing. These changing table covers are a decent size (18" wide by 22" long) when they are unfolded which is great because they will fit literally any changing table in public. But the thing that I love most is that they can be folded up into a little square allowing more room in your diaper bag. Plus, they are disposable as well as biodegradable meaning they will break down much faster than most plastics.

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Classy Kid also makes Green and Clean Biodegradable Diaper Sacks. These are amazing because all you have to do is throw the dirty disposable diaper in the sack and voila :

1. the smell stays put,
2. its much more sanitary than throwing the diaper itself away in the trash,
3. its convenient,
4. cuts down on air borne disease,
5. and environmentally friendly

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I love all of the products from Classy Kid. They have so many neat products that are great for your child's needs as well as the earth's needs. At such great prices, you'll want every single product that they make! You can get these fabulous products at, www.BabyCent,,, or in Canada at Safety Superstore and TJ's Kids.

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