Over Sized T-Shirts = Children's Clothes

Everso is a clothing company that takes scraps, vintage fabrics, old clothes, etc., and turns them into really adorable baby and children's clothing.

I am very fond of the baby infant gowns / sleep sacks made from adult t-shirts. They are one of a kind and super cute. Plus, it is a great idea to take old t-shirts, and turn them into something that a baby can wear - very eco-friendly!

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Another one of my favorites from Everso Clothing is the reversible baby bib. These bibs grow with your baby because there are strings that tie around your little ones neck. Plus, it is so soft with batting in between the layers of fabric. For $10.00, you are definitely getting your monies worth with two bibs in one that will grow with your child through toddler years!

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Not only does Everso Clothing make infant gowns and baby bibs, but they also make the cutest aprons, skirts, dresses and pants from vintage fabrics. Be sure to check www.rachzel.etsy.com to see all of the neat and retro children's clothing at fabulous prices!

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kim* said...

I love MY EVERSO! <-- I think Everso needs to make shirts with that saying. I have bought billions of things, see what I bought from Everso at :


ps- great review! great photos too!!