Recycled Accessories

I have a confession to make....

I have a fetish with collecting bottle cap tops! Not sure why, but I get satisfaction from keeping them instead of tossing them out. I guess somewhere deep down inside, I am waiting for inspiration to make something creative from them.

Just recently I have come across a company that got my wheels spinning.
Bittersweet Bootique is a company that makes really neat accessories. What caught my attention was the hair clips made from bottle cap tops! What a clever and useful idea. Who would have ever thought to take bottle cap tops and turn them into adorable hair clips?

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Some of the hair clips have the original bottle cap top like the Smirnoff label, while other hair clips have other icons over the original label like the myspace logo. My favorite is the reduce, reuse, recycle symbol! The bottle caps are placed upon colored tulle which in my opinion totally completes the clip! Each bow is put onto an aligator clip; therefore, it is perfect in hair, on a bag, or on a shirt. So, not only are these adorable clips eco-friendly, but they are very versatile.

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Bittersweet Bootique
also makes hemp chokers, bracelets, hand bags, blankets, etc. Plus, with every purchase you get free little fun gifts. Who doesn't love free fun gifts? So, to get very creative and funky accessories with free gifts, be sure to check out

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