Spray, Wipe, Play

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I really don't like chemicals, especially when it comes to my child. So, needless to say, when the time comes to wipe down my daughter's highchair, I usually just use water. This however as you can imagine creates an annoying issue of fruit flies - gross, I know!

Just recently, I tried out a new product from Dapple - the Toy Cleaner Spray. Once I sprayed in onto my daughter's highchair, I noticed that there were not any fruit flies swarming around it the next day! What a relief. Not only did it get rid of a nuisance, but the highchair smelled so fresh and natural.

I love that Dapple uses green technology and natural ingredients like baking soda, so everything that comes in contact with this cleaner becomes a healthy clean, not a harmful clean. This product is not antibacterial, so that your little one builds up a good immune system. It's like a soapy water clean without the work. I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me!

Dapple's Toy Cleaner Spray
is great for baby's toys as well as most surfaces in your house, car, etc. This is great because your baby will most likely touch anything and everything in their surroundings; therefore, you don't have to worry anymore about them eating chemicals ever again.

This amazing cleaner will be available around Thanksgiving at www.dapplebaby.com or diapers.com as well as in many baby boutiques nationwide. So, keep checking back periodically. And remember that it's easy as spray, wipe, play!

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