Bunny Bumz

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When I hear the word bunny, I think of adorable, cuddly and soft. Bunny Bumz did an outstanding job when they decided to name their cloth diaper company because their diapers are just that - adorable, cuddly, and soft!

These pocket diapers have an outer layer of the cutest fabric with PUL lining the inside meaning it is waterproof. The inner most layer is made of the softest cotton sherpa, and the inserts are made of highly absorbent zorb. Zorb is light weight, less bulky and hold 10 times its weight in liquid. There are snaps for closure which in my opinion are the best kind of closures on cloth diapers. They eliminate having to pull the velcro off of other laundry when the cycle is complete.

Bunny Bumz diapers fit my daughter perfectly! The snaps are placed in a way that you can choose the settings to fit your baby's legs as well as their waist. This is great because we all know that babies grow extremely fast; therefore, these diapers accomodate for your little sprout!

If you are looking for cloth diapers with the perfect fit and are as soft and adorable as a bunny, then visit www.sewchild.etsy.com or www.bunnybumz.com. You can also check out their other great products like the pacifier leashes, footwear, bibs, burp cloths and handmade tags.

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