Food That Melts A Heart

Imagine the aroma of steamy organic sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. Makes your mouth water, huh? If you are eating such a delectable food, wouldn't you want your baby experiencing the same thing?

Well, this is exactly what Jack's Harvest has created? They take 100 % certified organic fruits and vegetables handpicked from local farmer's markets, add a few spices and herbs here and there, and viola - the most wonderful baby food ever made. Yes, I said baby food! Jack's Harvest baby food is so delicious, that my daughter was literally begging for more after each bite. It seemed as if I could not feed her fast enough! I would also like to mention that I even had a few bites, and let me tell you that it is the best tasting baby food that I have ever put in my mouth!

These fruits and vegetables are made in small batches in a certified organic kitchen. Once the food is prepared, it is then quickly frozen into the shape of a heart. Freezing the baby food captures the nutrients, flavors, and colors that nature intended. You can get the 12 - 1 ounce cubes of So Smooth baby food for babies beginning to eat solid foods, or you can get the 4 - 3 ounce cubes of A Little Lumpy baby food for the babies exploring textures. Jack's Harvest has a variety of yummy baby foods from Blueberrytastic Banana to B'nut Squash-ed Apples.

Not only does Jack's Harvest make healthy baby food for your precious child(ren), but they also believe in being eco-friendly. I love the fact that after the food has been prepared, the peels of the fruits and vegetables are composted!

To give your baby the most delicious and nutritious baby food possible without the pesticides, fertilizers, and genetic modifications, then check out You can also find Jack's Harvest in many metro Atlanta retail stores such as Whole Foods Market. So, start giving your baby a great food experience today!

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