Inside Prints

Normally, you see cloth diapers with cute prints on the outside, right? Well, My Sweet Punkin Patch makes all-in-one cloth diapers with cute prints on the inside! Different, huh?

I really really love these diapers! They are so different, yet so adorable. They have a colored PUL (polyurethane laminated layer) on the outside, so there is no need for a diaper cover. On the inside there is a two layer burley knit terry soaker sewn into a hidden layer of flannel; therefore, you don't get your hands dirty from removing soiled inserts! Plus the different colored flannel prints on the inside make diaper changes more fun and exciting seeing the hidden prints.

My Sweet Punkin Patch makes these diapers with aplix closures like disposable diapers; therefore, allowing for easy diaper changes, and accommodating for a growing baby. Also, you can fold over the velcro part to the laundry tabs, so that lint does not get clogged in the velcro.

$12.00 is such an amazing price for great fitting diapers that are convenient, different, and absolutely adorable! Visit today to check out all of the practical yet cute products that this company offers.

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