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After you have given your baby a nice warm bath, don't you want to wrap them up in something that is very soft and cozy? I know I do, and I am here to tell you that I have found that something! My daughter loved it so much that she would not let it go once it entered her hands!

New England Gifts is a company that makes beautiful organic hooded towels that are warm, cozy, and very absorbent. They are made from adult towels; therefore, they are thicker and much more softer than the paper thin baby towels that you can buy. These towels come in natural colored 100 % organic cotton or green khaki colored 100 % organic cotton. You can get them with or without the trendy ribbon accents; however, I think that the ribbon accents make the towels absolutely adorable!

Not only are New England Gifts' towels good for your baby and the environment, but they will also last a long time. These towels measure 30 inches by 40 inches; therefore, it is a great fit for newborns up to the toddler years. What a great investment - a baby towel that is organic, trendy, absorbent, and will last many many years!

To check out these amazing towels as well as other great products from this company go to For a limited time offer, buy organic towels from New England Gifts, and get free US shipping through the month of September. Just mention Green Baby Giggles in the notes to seller at checkout!

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