The Perfect Baby Toy

Let's face the facts, infants are always putting anything and everything that they get a hold of into their mouths. Yuck! So, why not give them a toy that is perfectly safe, fun, and organic?

LoCoMo Momma's Shop has created just that: a perfectly safe, fun, and organic toy for your little one(s). Each toy is hand stitched with 100 % soft organic cotton yarn, and then stuffed with natural wool batting. You can choose from a variety of adorable characters like the Sleepy Lamb, Mr. Frog, or the traditional ball and rattle set. All toys have a rattle inside them; therefore, they are rattles as well as teethers - total money saver!

I love the fact that LoCoMo Momma is eco-friendly. All orders are shipped out in recycled boxes, and all toy(s) are placed inside of recycled water-resistant bags - the perfect gift wrapping. So not only does your baby's toy have a place to dwell, but you can also use the bag for other things as well!

I highly recommend LoCoMo Momma's Shop. You get such an amazingly hand crafted rattle as well as a teether for your baby at such a great price. Check out today to give your baby something safe to put in their mouth!

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