Walking Billboard....Literally!

Become a walking billboard with the Doctor's Tote by Seen. How is that possible you might ask? Well, the Doctor's Tote is a handbag made from recycled vinyl billboards. Genius, right? That is what I thought when I laid my eyes upon all of the products made by Seen!

Seen saves old billboards from going to the landfill, and turns them into eco-friendly products with a modern twist. I absolutely love these handbags because they are super spacious as well as very sturdy.

Since the Doctor's Tote is made from vinyl, it is waterproof. What a lovely aspect! We all know that children seem to want to play with things that do not belong to them; therefore, if grubby hands leave grim behind, have no fear. Simply wipe away with water and viola - squeaky clean again!

Another great point about the Seen Doctor's Tote is that they are very bright and colorful; therefore, they can be worn with anything. Purses that can be worn with any outfit definitely win over my heart!

$30 is an outstanding price for such an amazing product that is going to last a lifetime. Now go get yours here: www.seen1.etsy.com!

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