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Before I started breastfeeding my little ones, someone told me to get an automatic breast pump. With this in mind, I got a Medela automatic breast pump. However, when I started using it, my skin began to tear up, even on the lowest setting. That experience caused me to doubt the whole breast pump idea!

Just recently I was able to use the Evenflo Comfort Select Manual Breast Pump. With just one use of this amazing pump, I no longer doubted pumping. This breast pump is like heaven compared to the one I used before!

The Evenflo breast pump is so comfortable. Plus I love that it is very quiet so that you can discreetly pump. I could not in the least bit pump discreetly with the automatic. It sounded like a machine that was on its last leg.

Not only is the Evenflo breast pump quiet, but it is also BPA free. This is great because I know that when I pump, harmful chemicals are not leaching into my baby's milk!

This breast pump is very easy to use as well as easy to assemble. My favorite part of this pump is that you can control the amout of "suckling" pressure with the adjustable vaccum control. I will no longer associate pain with pumping!

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Brooke said...

I'm glad to hear that you love your new pump; it's such an important investment!

I just heard about a new pump on called Hygeia that is designed to be eco-friendly and can be safely shared between mothers. Their motto is “less pumps in the dump.” They also have a pump recycling program where moms can send back their old pumps and the company will refurbish them and donate them to mothers in need.

Breastfeeding guru Kathleen Huggins of the Nursing Mothers Companion recently profiled them.