Moks Instead Of Socks

Scandeez is a company that makes adorable eco-friendly baby shoes called moks. The top of each mok is made from reclaimed leather while the inside and bottom half is made from new leather.

While the entire shoe from Scandeez is super cute, my absolute favorite part is the design on the sole. What a fabulous idea! When you are holding your child, or your child is sitting on the floor, you totally get hit with a surprise of an adorable picture looking at you.

I love that when I put my child in a pair of Scandeez moks, the shoes will stay put. This is because the shoes are designed with an elasticized top for a snug yet comfortable fit.

$30.00 for a pair of amazing Scandeez moks is such a great deal. Your child will be sporting fashionable footwear while being eco-friendly! Check out this amazing company at Not only do they make great shoes for babies and toddlers, but they also make really cute clothes, blankets, bags, etc.

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