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Chemicals vs organic? This is the choice that breastfeeding mothers must decide upon when it comes to breastfeeding pads. I don't know about you, but I choose organic! Why use disposable breastfeeding pads when all they do is constantly move around, cause discomfort, and most of all they are just plain boring? Did you know that there are many chemicals in disposable breastfeeding pads that can cause yeast infections? Yuck!

POSH Pads have extremely adorable breastfeeding pads that are made from bamboo and organic cotton layers. Bamboo is one of my favorite fibers because it is naturally antibacterial which helps keep away allergens and infections. Plus, bamboo is highly absorbent and allows for breathe ability.

For the outermost layer, POSH Pads use designer fabrics from two artists whom are known for their eco-friendly fabrics . There are so many amazing designs and patterns to choose from that it is impossible to buy just one pair!

These pads are super soft, comfortable, and mold to your body. I love that POSH Pads are not bulky, and they don't move around. I feel like a million dollars when I wear these pads because I know that they are good for my skin and good for the earth.

Unlike disposable breast pads, POSH Pads can be used over and over again. When you are done breastfeeding your little ones, you can use them for other things like cleaning, patches on clothes, make-up, etc.

Your body and our earth are easily worth the investment of $8.95 for a fashionable pair of POSH Pads! Visit to get yourself a few pair today. And don't forget that these make amazing gifts as well!

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