Function Full Of Fashion

When I think of nursing clothes, most of the time I think of the words "frumpy" and "not flattering". However, when I came across Boob Nursing Wear, I thought "funky" and "functional".

They have so many different tops and dresses to choose from in all kinds of pretty colors and designs. Consider this - I feel like I look amazing when I put on any garments within the clothing line. Having a baby less than one month ago, this is almost impossible! I look great!

Each garment is made from high quality fabric. High quality fabric combined with high quality design creates fabulous clothes that look and feel good. I love that most of the nursing tops are longer than most shirts because they make great layering pieces throughout nursing and beyond. Plus, I am a woman of curves. When I find clothing that covers my insecure areas, I jump all over it!

Not only is Boob Nursing Wear flattering, but it also makes breastfeeding in public so easy. Forget a nursing shawl or nursing cover! All you need is a fun and fashionable Boob Nursing top or dress.

Boob Nursing Wear has two layers of fabric over the bust area. Just pull up one side of the shirt or dress with one hand, hold your little one with the other, and voila - discreet nursing. No one sees anything except your baby!

I love that Boob goes by the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 when it comes to preparing and dying it's clothes. This Standard makes sure that the clothes are made in a way that is environmentally safe and completely free of toxins. I don't know about you, but I want clothes that are safe for me and my environment!

To get the most fashionable nursing and maternity wear that you can wear for years to come, visit You won't regret it!

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