Become An Organic Diva....

With Down Home Diva's clothing and accessories! Each garment of clothing as well as each accessory has been recreated into a work of art. Down Home Diva takes dull shirts, skirts, bags, etc., and puts remarkable talent and creativity into them with beautifully designed appliques from Moda batik fabrics.

The organic skirts from Down Home Diva are super fun and very versatile. I was able to wear the skirt as a tube top, a skirt, and over a pair of pants.
You can also wear the skirt long, or roll up the waistband to make it a mini skirt. It definitely spruces up any wardrobe because it makes a wonderful layering piece - great for summer or fall!

Down Home Diva creates each applique where the more the garment is worn, the more the applique has character. That is wonderful! Most clothes are worn and over time loses color and shape; however, with Down Home Diva's clothes, the more you wear them the better they become!

Best of all, the pricing on each item is amazing! You could buy an entire outfit with accessories, and not even put a dent in your wallet. I'd say that is outstanding for this economy!

To become an organic diva, go to Check out all of the beautiful and creative clothes and accessories that they have to offer!

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Helen said...

Thanks so much for the fantastic feature. Doing a lot of travelling means that it's often a challenge to pack light but also come up with several different outfits.

Down Home Diva's designs are really so practical as well as being, my favourite, eco freindly.

The Manitou Dress over at rthe Esty shop is really gorgeous as well.

Once again thanks so much for the fabulous feature.

x Helen