Nursing Shawl That Does It All!

I am all about getting the bang for your buck. When I can get something that has more than one use, I jump all over it! This is what you get when you buy a L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawl.

As you can imagine, the L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawl is wonderful for nursing. But it is also great for a baby blanket, a stroller cover, a carrier cover, a maternity cover, and whatever else you can think of. Now that is what I call getting the bang for your buck, especially for only $29.95.

I am quite fond of these nursing shawls because they are extremely soft to the touch which makes me want to wear it all day long. Plus, the design on each of the covers is very neat looking.

Each of the covers is one size fits all. Therefore, they make great gifts for moms-to-be or any mother for that matter.

The L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawl is very comfortable to wear, and covers all areas that need to be covered while nursing. The wide opening at the top makes it easy to see your little one.

One of my favorite aspects of these shawls is that they can be folded up into the matching drawstring bag to fit perfectly in a diaper bag, purse, gym bag, etc. Less space taken up in my already full diaper bag makes me a happy mommy!

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