Be a Mother - In Style!

I have completely fallen head over heals in love with the organic nursing wear from Mothers En Vogue! After having two babies back-to-back (14 months apart), I am really self-conscious about my body. I have about 20 more pounds to lose to get my pre-pregnancy figure back (yikes!).

Mothers En Vogue's Organic Collection actually makes me feel VERY sexy. Yes, I said it. SEXY! From the amazing fabric to the wonderful fit, their apparel hides my (umm... somewhat) soft, bumpy body allowing me to feel very comfortable in my own skin. Each top that I wore has two layers of fabric over the stomach area which covers my not so flat tummy. I got so many compliments when I went out in public the other day that I want to wear nothing but Mothers En Vogue clothing!

Another great aspect of their nursing wear is that breastfeeding is a breeze. With the double layer of fabric in front, my stomach is not exposed to the world. Hallelujah! I don't want people looking at my tummy let alone the stretch marks, and I am almost positive that people don't want to see that area either!

So Mothers En Vogue makes me feel like a super model, and hides my stomach and chest while breastfeeding. Could it get any better than that? Yes, it can! The Organic / Eco Collection is made from organic cotton - meaning that the fabric of these garments are grown and produced in a way where there is little exposure to toxic chemicals that pollute the earth. Buying organic clothing is healthy for you, your children, and our earth!

Check out all of the Mothers En Vogue apparel at They have so many wonderful clothing lines to choose from whether you are a woman, a mother, or a breastfeeding mommy. Make yourself feel SEXY today!!!

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