Juice Packs = Diaper Bag

I love it when people get creative and take something that is used daily to turn it into to something else. For instance, you know the juice packs that kids drink? Well, what about taking the empty juice packs, and turning them into bags! If you ask me, that is very creative!

Rebagz Handbags carries just that. Half The Sky Designs takes empty juice packs, and weaves them together to form these beautiful Rebagz. They make so many different styles that fit anyone's lifestyle like the All-In-One Wallets, Pop Top Bags, Wrap Around Bags, or my personal favorite On The Go / Bringing Up Baby Bag.

The On The Go / Bringing Up Baby Bag is very spacious. Perfect for carrying around baby items as well as mommy items. I was able to pack in one outfit for my newborn son, one outfit for my 15 month daughter, a can of formula, a blanket, multiple toys, diapers for both babies, wipes, diaper cream, a sippy cup of juice, and a bottle. If you think that is a lot for one bag, think again! Even with all of the items mentioned, there was still plenty of room left over. Now that is my kind of bag!

Not only is the On The Go / Bringing Up Baby Bag great as a diaper bag, but it also works well as a gym bag or lap top bag once the diaper bag phase ends. Talk about a truely amazing bag. Juice packs turned into a magnificent bag that can be used in multiple ways - very eco-friendly!

Half The Sky Designs also takes empty rice sacks, and turns them into gorgeous Rice Sack Graphic Handbags. Like the Juicy Handwoven Rebagz, there are so many different Rice Sack Graphic Handbags to choose from too.

With so many beautiful handbags to choose from, I could just spend hours upon hours browsing around on their website. To see for yourself, visit www.rebagz.com to see all of the different kinds of eco-fabulous bags that they have to offer.

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