Happy Feet

I just love baby booties! They are so easy to get on and off of your little one's feet. Plus, they are super fun. However, sometimes the prices on baby booties can be a little too much, especially in this economy!

Looking for fun and fashionable baby booties for half the price? Well, you are in luck! I have found the most adorable and affordable baby booties at Happy Solez. Not only are they uber cute and half the price of other baby booties, but they are also lined with ORGANIC fabric. Wow, now that's a crazy deal - awesome baby booties, organic, and half the price!

Happy Solez has so many different prints to choose from like pretty flowers or character prints. My favorite is the brown corduroy baby booties. They go with almost everything, and they are really soft.

The inside of Happy Solez's 100 Collection shoes are lined with organic fabric. This is a wonderful idea because feet sweat so much that there needs to be a lightweight breathable fabric around them. Plus, it's great to know that when my kids wear them, their feet are not soaking up any harmful chemicals due to the organic fabric!

I am really fond of the swirly stitching on Happy Solez's baby booties. It definitely adds a unique flare to them that sets them apart from other baby booties. I am all about products that are different from others, especially if they are very well made like Happy Solez!

To see all of Happy Solez's fantastic baby booties, go to www.happysolez.etsy.com. Let your baby have happy feet today!

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Katherine Sews said...

Wow, this is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me!! This review makes me so happy. I will definitely keep reading Green Baby Giggles regularly, and tell my family what a great honor this is to be featured here! I would definitely work with you again. Thanks so much!!!
Let me know if you ever need anything else :)