Scrabble Anyone?

Scrabble is a fun game with loads of possibility by creating different words from other letters already being used. Well, what about using the scrabble tiles in ways other than creating words? Like, um, lets see a pendant?

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IM Creations does just that. They take individual scrabble tiles, and turn them into beautiful pendants for necklaces. What a cool idea! Scrabble tiles are just the right size for a necklace - not too small and not too large. Wearing a Scrabble tile masked by amazing art, makes me smile! I know that I am wearing a wonderfully made piece of jewelry while making an eco-fabulous fashion statement.

Each tile has an image that is decoupaged onto the tile, and then it is covered with a non-toxic glaze. IM Creations has so many unique and stylish pendants to choose from that I guarantee that you will love more than just one!

Just like the game Scrabble, the pendants from IM Creations have many possibilities as well. You can custom order a pendant with a baby photo, wedding photo, graduation photo, etc. Plus, you can give them as gifts for bridal parties, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. Or you could just buy a million different pendants to go with each one of your outfits! I'd say that $6.50 is a steal for these beauties!

Not only does IM Creations make beautiful Scrabble pendants, but they also make gorgeous bamboo necklaces as well. When I wear the bamboo necklace, I practically forget that I am even wearing jewelry because it is very lightweight. I can't stand jewelry that is heavy, especially when I am lugging around kids and belongings all day!

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Like the Scrabble pendants, the bamboo necklaces are created with high quality craftsmanship. When you buy from IM Creations, you are getting the works - super cute jewelry with an eco-friendly flare!

Check out IM Creations at See all of the beautiful creations that they have to offer!

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