*****GIVEAWAY***** Prenatals Upgraded!

Remembering to take prenatals before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely hard! Sometimes I will take one right when I wake up in the morning, but then a few hours later forget that I took one. Therefore, I will contemplate taking another one because I can't remember if I actually took one earlier. Wow! Now, I call that mom-nesia.

If you are like me, and you can't remember taking your prenatal, or you just forget to take them completely, then you need Bellybar! Bellybar has the best tasting shakes, chews, snack bars, etc. Just grab one and go! They are extremely healthy, super yummy, and packed with key nutrients for moms or moms-to-be.

Some of you may by cringing right now at the thought of supplements in a food or beverage form. I too was cynical. But one bite of the Baby Needs Chocolate Bar, and I was hooked! There are no bad after tastes like you find in other protein or nutrient bars. And the citrus chews are to die for! They are like a sweet and sour candy that explodes in your mouth!

Bellybar has all kinds of scrumptious flavors that will tickle anyone's fancy. My personal favorites are the Mellow Oat Bar, Citrus On Board Chews, and Due For Chocolate Shake. I just love that Bellybar specifically made their products to be eaten BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER pregnacy because I definitely will be consuming these products long after being preggers! All of these delicious products can be bought at www.bellybarproducts.com.


Bellybar is giving away three sample packs (1 to each winner) that include:

2 bars of each flavor (Baby Needs Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, Mellow Oat, and Burstin' Chocolate)

1 pouch of each chews flavor (Chocolate Cuddles and Citrus On Board)

2 shakes of Due For Chocolate Bellybar Shakes

Here is how you can win:

Visit Bellybar and tell Green Baby Giggles which product you would like the best. Increase your chances of winning by following Bellybar on Twitter (@Bellybar or http://twitter.com/Bellybar), and following Bellybar on Facebook (http://facebook.com/pages/Bellybar/70772777239). Make sure to comment (max three comments) when you find the product you would like best, when you follow on Twitter, and when you follow on Facebook! Contest ends one week from today - November 4th 2009 at 12pm
Three winners will be announced November 5th.

The winners are Trudy, Candance Perkins, and Adrian....Congratulations!!! You have until Monday, November 9th to respond with your contact information. If you do not contact us at greenbabygiggles@gmail.com by said date, your prize pack will move to the next person in line!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bellybar!!!! My fav. is def the Berry Nutty Cravings Bellybar :) so yummy!


PR said...

Baby Needs Chocolate is the best! Thanks for a great givaway....patmatrem@hotmail.com

PR said...

I am a fan on Facebook! patmatrem@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

love giveaways....i think i would like the chocolate shake the best...


tcjwoodman said...


so hard to choose just one. i like all of the snack bars. they all sound really good.


Emily said...

thanks for this opportunity :)

Burstin' Chocolate looks scrumptious, wildflowermle@hotmailcom

Anonymous said...


the chews look tasty!

candaceperkins said...

I would definitely love to try the baby needs chocolate.

candaceperkins said...

I wish I had found these when I was pregnant...there's always baby #2! lol

Fan on Facebook

candaceperkins said...
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candaceperkins said...

Now following on twitter! Would also love to try the shakes too :) Since having my baby I'm super motivated to be and stay as healthy as possible and I too find myself still trying to remember to take my vitamins everyday. Getting the "mom-nesia" trying to remember if I already took it and then googling to see if too much of a certain vitamin is bad for you lol

Trudy said...

both the chocolate and the vanilla shakes look good! trudylascelles@hotmail.com

adrian said...

went to the website and the Due for Chocolate Shakes look the best to me. would be great to try!
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

adrian said...

already was and still am a FB fan of bellybar.
FB name is adrian momoftwo
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

adrian said...

just became a new fan of bellybar on twitter
name is smilefest
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com