Comfy Cloth

I love using cloth nursing pads for so many reasons! One reason is that cloth pads create less waste. Another reason is that they are super comfy. Finally, my favorite reason is that cloth pads are much cuter than disposable!

Six EcoMama Lane hand creates adorable nursing pads. I can definitely tell that a lot of love and care goes into each one because the edging on each pad is perfect! Flannel material is used to make each pad which makes them super soft and comfortable. The size of each pad is about 4.5" in diameter, so you know that you are getting full coverage.

Six EcoMama Lane has a lot of bold and wild prints to choose from. This is great if you are a person who loves variety! But don't worry, if you have to have them all, I can assure you that you won't break the bank because they are really affordable at $5.00 for 6 pads!!!

Not only does Six EcoMama Lane make perfect nursing pads, but they also make other wonderful cloth products like really cute menstrual cloth pads, overnight cloth pads, reusable lunch baggies, and much more. Check it all out at or

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