The Green Lunch Sack

REbaggingIt has the cutest bags! They take empty juice pouches, and turn them into stylish eco-friendly bags.

My personal favorite is the lunch sack. They are super easy to use with velcro closures, which is great for young children. Plus, they are lightweight, and wipe off messes really easily.

I think it is great that the bag along with the straps are very colorful and fun. It definitely makes you want to take it everywhere you go.

The lunch sacks are very strong; therefore, you don't have to worry about packing too much in them. That is a major plus for me since I don't like to pack lightly for anything!

REbaggingIt not only has great lunch sacks, but they also make other products from juice pouches such as dog leashes, book covers, small totes, and large totes. Their prices are super affordable, so be sure to check it out at

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