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I bet you get lots of junk mail just like me! What do you do with your junk mail? I used to throw mine out, but now I pretty much save everything. This is because of The Paper Bead Roller.

The Paper Bead Roller is a utensil that lets you easily wrap a piece of paper around a metal stick to create a fabulous bead. Just insert the tip of the paper strip into the slot, begin rolling, and voila - a paper bead. I love this thing! Rolling paper beads by hand causes cramps in your hands. Not to mention, the pain from trying to roll the bead tight. Using The Paper Bead Roller is so easy to use, and there is not any pain!

I get so many magazines, newspapers, and junk mail that it is not even funny. So instead of throwing them out, I can use them to make jewelry, baskets, pens, etc. The possibilities are endless with this wonderful invention.

The roller kit comes in two sizes which is great because you can make beads with larger holes for larger string, or make beads with smaller holes for smaller string. The Paper Bead Roller also comes with different patterns to make different style beads. My personal favorite is the hourglass template - so cute!

Visit to get your very own Paper Bead Roller. Start getting crafty while being eco-friendly!

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Tickled Pink Twice said...

Awesome...I just was watching something about paper beads on CET. PS...found your blog through SwapMamas.