VersatiliT Meets TranquiliT

Luxurious, lightweight, serene. Wrap yourself in pure TranquiliT...

TranquiliT is a company that carries eco-luxe lifestyle wear. So, you might be thinking is it possible to have eco-friendly and luxurious all in one? Absolutely!

TranquiliT uses bamboo as well as organic cotton fibers which make super soft apparel. Bamboo is naturally soft and silky and wicks moisture. Organic cotton is lightweight and feels wonderful. Bamboo and organic cotton fibers create pure TranquiliT!

I love the line from TranquiliT. Each garment is versatile which gives you more for your money! Plus, the clothes were made with a busy lifestyle in mind - meaning you can wear these clothes for yoga, and then turn around and go to a nice restaurant without changing into something else. Yes, workout apparel by day, sexy yet comfortable by night!

The cardi shawl is among many of my favorites. You can wear it as a cardigan, or wear as a sexy shirt with a low back. It is extremely easy to turn this must have piece into basically anything that you want. The raw edges make this piece look and feel fabulous.

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Melita said...

i am addicted to tranquilit! my fave piece of all time (or so far i should say) is the all-in-one wrap dress. i wear mine everywhere! love, love, love!!!