"The Earth Is Our Playground. Our Mission Is To Preserve It."

This is the philosophy of the clothing company Mission Playground. What an awesome statement! Don't you just wish this was everyone's philosophy? I do!!!

Mission Playground is an amazing company that has 100 % organic as well as recycled fabric clothing for men, women, and children.

The Willow Dress is outstanding. Since it is a wrap dress, it is very comfortable. The whimsical design on the bottom creates a very contemporary feel to this eco-friendly dress.

When I wore this dress to a party, almost everyone commented on how cute it looked on me!!! My sister-in-law actually asked me if it was okay to purchase one herself! Another person said that I look stunning and slim! Now, if one article of clothing gets that much response, think of how many compliments one would get wearing other garments from Mission Playground.

A great aspect of Mission Playground is that they give 1 % of sales to non-profit organizations that share the same passion for the earth that they do. That is awesome....be fashionable and comfortable in their clothes while supporting a great cause!


Melita said...

that dress is adorable. i really like your blog! very cute!

Green Mama said...

Thank you very much!