The No Slip Slippers

Don't you just hate it when your slippers slide around on you? Don't you also hate that slippers make your feet sweat?

Sun Shadow Slippers are the perfect solution! These slippers do not slide around on your feet. They are made from stretchy natural fibers; therefore, they grip your feet in a very comfortable way. This is awesome for the wiggly baby and toddler. Plus, the natural fibers also allow the feet to breathe; therefore, eliminating sweat!

My daughter normally takes off her shoes and socks right after we put them on her. This can be quite frustrating in the winter when her toes are ice cold. But now that we have the most comfy cozy slippers from Sun Shadow Slippers, she does not even attempt to take them off. Yay - her toes will never be cold again!

The slippers from Sun Shadow are quite unique in that they use prints inspired by nature. They have cute prints from frogs to butterflies, turtles, etc. The inside of these slippers are 100% pure wool felt (extremely cozy!). The dye that is used to create the fun prints is low toxic and sun reactive which means it is safe on our environment.

I love that Sun Shadow Slippers are made very well. My daughter's slippers will definitely be handed down to my son, and probably make it through another child (if we decide to have another!).

Get these fabulous slippers at The whole family deserves to walk in the clouds with wonderful slippers!

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